Zaptrap Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Zaptrap
Series: e-Hobby exclusives
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Hunter-Seeker (clone of Shrapnel)
Alternate Mode: Lamellicorn Beetle

Height: 3.5cm Length: 13cm Width: 5.5cm

   Like his teammates, Zaptrap is black, dark brown and red with yellow highlights. The central block of his thorax is die cast metal, painted black, his abdomen (well, technically his wing covers, since he's a beetle) is midnight blue plastic and the head and giant pincers sticking out the front are chrome silver. The colours are actually quite similar to those of Shrapnel - moreso than his teammates are to their respective Insecticons.

   Being a Diaclone mould, Zaptrap has a cockpit, which is a transparent red hatch on his thorax, on top of which sits a Decepticon logo - his rubsign lives on his right wing cover. The very rear tip - which I suppose could be the exposed abdomen is red, as are the rear legs. As with the 2004 reissue of Shrapnel, Zaptrap comes with a soft transparent pink Energon Cube that can stow inside his cockpit.

   I should point out that Zaptrap doesn't have true insect legs, the rear set are actually red posts hanging off the underside of his red robot arms, which sit on the sides of the insect, and are rather obvious. The front two sets are joined, and are effectively curved yellow runners (like on a helicopter). The front runners and rear legs have wheels, so it's possible to roll Zaptrap along, provided his shoulder joints aren't too loose (in which case any downward pressure will just cause the rear set to lift off the ground).

   The wing covers are flat and angular, but this fits in with the ridiculously robotic look of this beetle with wheels. The pincers have small barrels at their tips, meaning this is an armed insect, and of course it fits in with his mechanical look.

   While I wouldn't say I dislike this mode as such, it's not really very beetle-like. Of course, the Insecticons were meant to be very mechanical, so Zaptrap works in that respect. The red sides and red cockpit hatch are really only changes to Shrapnel's beetle mode, so the overall effect is more or less the same.


   Extend the rear section to become the robot legs, rotate 180° and fold up the feet. Swing the pincers down and to the sides to reveal the head, fold the runners up onto his back. Give him his gun - which actually fits over the fist.

Height: 12cm Width: 10.5cm

   A lot of that width is the big horns sticking out from his shoulders. Anyway, Zaptrap’s still dominated by black on his torso and head and brown on his boots. His shins and the horns are chromed silver, his arms and feet are red and the transparent red hatch is the central part of his chestplate, and can open to reveal the Energon Cube. His chest (around the hatch) is die cast metal. As with the insect mode, this robot mode doesn't look that dissimilar to that of Shrapnel - whereas both Shot Hole and Salvo are distinct enough from their originals.

   The horns actually help the overall look of Zaptrap's robot mode, since they make him look bigger and grander than he really is, and they offset all that black. There's not really any hints that he has an animal mode aside from the horns, and even they're not a give away.

   Zaptrap has a silver painted face, with an eyevisor, nose and mouth. It's actually pretty good facial detail for a G1 toy this size. Otherwise the sculpt is fairly average, although he does have those posts under his fists (the rear legs) that look like little lasers, so if you lift his hands up he looks like he's shooting stuff from his arms. I suspect this is accidental, but it's still nifty.

   Poseability is good for a 1980s mould - his shoulders rotate, his hips swing and his waist swivels right around - and only the waist movement is needed for the transformation. He's got big feet too, so the hip joints are meaningful points of articulation.

   While there's nothing that jumps out about this mode as such, the poseability, colours and facial sculpt are all positives, and there's no major downsides, so it's a pretty good little robot. My main gripe is the similarity to Shrapnel, but on it's own this is still a decent robot.


   As mentioned, he is a repaint of Shrapnel, but no actual variants that I'm aware of.


   Zaptrap's a decent little mecha insect, and while his insect mode isn't very realistic, his robot mode is decent and the colours work. The biggest disappointment is the colour scheme, which isn't really much of departure from that of Shrapnel - only the arms, feet and chestplate have been redone. Zaptrap comes with Shot Hole and Salvo, both of whom work better as repaints, and on the whole it's a good pack so I do recommend him to G1 fans, although more as part of the set than on his own merits as a recolour - 6.5/10

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