Spychanger X-Brawn Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: X-Brawn
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Mercedes SUV

Height: 2.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A grey Mercedes SUV, which is essentially a copy of the vehicle mode of the larger toy, down to the green rear section and rounded headlights. Size aside the main differences are the green used is a lot lighter, the grey is lighter and duller than the silver on the original and the windows are black rather than being transparent. The colour scheme isn't quite as nice, larger because of the solid black windows, but also because the headlights are only round because of black dots over them, which looks silly. He has an Autobot logo stamped on the hood, a bullbar that's painted silver and red taillights. While this is a pretty good paint job for a RiD Spychanger, it's not as nice as the original, and the grey plastic doesn't quite work for me.

   The moulded detail is pretty good - he has a sunroof seam, windshield wipers, doorhandles and ridged headlights (not that it matters with the silly black dots), ridged taillights and more. But there are flaws - the side mirrors are huge, the rear wheels stick out to the sides too far and he's got almost no ground clearance for an SUV.

   The play value is standard for a Spychanger - he rolls very well on his axles. Unlike Ultra Magnus, Optimus Prime and Scourge he has singles axles at the front and rear. His scale fits best with Optimus Prime, although he comes packaged with Scourge.

   I suppose this is a pretty good SUV Spychanger, the moulded detail is good for such a small toy, but a better paint job would be nice.


   This is a very simplified version of the full sized X-Brawn's transformation. Extend the rear to form the robot legs, open the front doors, swing the front out to form the left hand, unfold the right arm and stand him up.

Height: 7cm Width: 6.5cm

   Now mainly green with a big grey left forearm, X-Brawn has a silver face with yellow eyes and assorted silver, red and yellow paint applications. Oh, the rear wheels can't rotate around to sit on his shins now that they have axles, so he has gunmetal grey fake tyres on his shins, next to the real black tyres. This colour scheme has more green than that of the original, and I'm impressed with the paint job, there are some really fine details that prevent this from being a purely green robot with a grey arm.

   If the paintjob is a strongpoint, the kibble arm is definitely a weakpoint. It's huge, even compared to that on the original, and is basically a giant hollow car piece with a fist and some doors hanging off. The original had a poseable fist that actually protruded and a solid forearm, this one does not. His right arm is pretty puny - even for a Spychanger - which makes it look even worse.

   His legs are a solid block, and the torso has been simplified a fair bit. The boots are bigger than on the original X-Brawn, which isn't great, but is more or less a limitation of him being simplified, since the torso is proportionally smaller. The left shoulder rotates and both shoulders are hinged, the elbows are hinged, so poseability is pretty good for a small Spychanger.

   This robot mode suffers from being over simplified. The giant arm isn't saved by good engineering like on the big toy, and the simplified torso causes problems also.


   None that I'm aware of. SpyChanger Hoist is a repaint of X-Brawn.


   An ambitious idea that works okay for the SUV mode, but the robot really fails to hit the mark. He comes with Scourge, who is certainly worth getting, so I'll recommend him since he's got a decent vehicle mode. On it's own, this is a toy I'd only mildly recommend - 5/10

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