War Within Megatron (6" Titanium) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Megatron
Series: 6" Titaniums
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Tank

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Megatron, making this review possible (I have since acquired Megatron).

Height: 6cm Length: cm Width: 19.5cm

   A silver Cybertronian tank with a black rear section and some red highlights. There's more than a hint of this being a robot lying down as a tank, but Megatron still has four black treads with silver pods inside the treads. There are Decepticon logos stamped on the front pods. Megatron lacks a real turret, instead there's a prominent red and black cannon on top of the wider front section, on the left hand side. The front sports a fairly similar black cannon, while the left side features a smaller grey cannon. The colours certainly evoke Megatron, and to be honest the shape also evokes a robot, which is annoying.

   The treadpods at the front look like they become arms, the black rear section looks very much like it splits to become his legs - and there are good reasons for these impressions! The legs at the back don't hold together that well, anyway. It's not that Megatron doesn't look like a massive, rumbling, machine of war, mind you - but it's a machine with a clear mapping of his robot mode.

   The play value here is pretty poor. There are black ridged wheels underneath each of his treads and while he will roll on tractioned surfaces like carpet, you can forget about the wheels moving on a smoother surface. The central section, which is his waist, is a little wobbly, and while he won't collapse, it gives as you roll (or slide) him. The red cannon ratchets through eight 45 turns, but the other two cannons are fixed. The front section which contains the central silver cannon has a tendency to unclip, anyway.

   I'm not a huge fan of this mode, but it's still a decent display piece. It's Megatron lying down with his head covered, really, but he still manages to look like a battlefield vehicle, so I like the overall look despite the laziness in design. The play value is disappointing, less than even GI Joe Megatron, although he's far more stable than that abomination.


   Detach the front and set aside. Split the legs (if they're even attached), extend them and fold down his hip plates. Swing out the front pods, rotate the section between them to form his chest, put the pods to form his upper arms, fold out the forearms. The head is now visible, swing the red cannon down next to it as a shoulder cannon. Detach the silver cannon, placing it in one hand as a gun and the front in the other as a shield.

Height: 15cm Width: 11.5cm

   Well, it's a silver robot with black boots and some red highlights, which is no surprise since he's the tank standing up. His face is painted grey with small red eyes, and he sports the iconic Megatron buckethead design. There's a Decepticon logo stamped on his right breast and some yellow detailing on the left. The sculpt is pretty good here, and the silver really brings it out, I have to say. As half-assed as the tank is in many ways, this is a visually stunning robot mode, with good colours and details that look good _before_ you even consider how well they suit the character.

   The weaponry here is inherited from Megatron's tank mode with varying degrees of success. The least spectacular is actually the most interesting - that small grey cannon from the tank mode now sits behind his right shoulder, a cool tribute to G1 Megatron (well, the animated version). The red cannon sits on his left shoulder, and while it can still ratchet, there's a head on one side and a shoulder on the other, so it's pretty static here. It can lift up to fire into the air, however. The shield is well... a way to use up the front section. It's not the worst shield ever or anything, but it's not hard to pick as kibble. There's a clip on his backside you can clip it into if you don't want it (too) visible, which is nice. The silver and black cannon is a fairly bland cannon. There are holes on the outsides of his forearms, I guess they're meant for his weapons, but you can't attach either weapon

   The poseability here is decent if not fantastic. The head can turn with some effort, but there's not much point. The shoulders swing, the elbows are hinged and can rotate, as can his wrists. The shoulders tend to come loose when posing, but they'll stay in place in a pose once he's set. The waist wiggles - I'm not going to force it (not with a borrowed toy!), but I suspect with some effort it'll ratchet (later note: FortMax Reed informs me that it does turn - this must be a tight example). The hips swing and lift out to the sides while his knees are hinged with rotators just above them. The feet fold down and while there aren't any heelspurs, Megatron doesn't really need them.

   There aren't too many metal pieces, but those Megatron does have are significant. The chest and boots are probably the biggest pieces of this toy, so there's quite a lot of die cast in a fairly heavy figure. The silver chest looks great, and while the silver plastic - which is most noticeable on the big shoulderpads (the tread pods) - isn't quite as shiny, it still looks good.

   A good robot mode, and while the poseability isn't quite what I'd hope for, he displays really well. As with many of the Titaniums, it's clear that Megatron's designer focused on this mode. The weaponry is good, for the most part, and there are enough G1 Megatron elements here to please the fans, with the buckethead and the pistol barrel alluded to behind his shoulder.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A tale of two modes, as tends to be the case with the 6" Titaniums. Megatron's robot mode looks really cool, and is worth the price of admission. The tank mode is pretty simple, looking as much like a robot on its back as a tank. The tank mode doesn't fail, but it fails to really inspire like the robot mode does. The War Within theme works well enough, although I'm not much of a comic fan so I can't comment on comic accuracy. If you like the War Within idea, I'd grab this figure since it displays so well in robot mode, but as Titaniums go, Megatron is nice without being great - 7/10

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