Wreck-Gar Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Wreck-Gar
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Junkion Leader
Alternate Mode: Motorcycle

Height: 8cm Length: 16.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A brown, burnt orange and khahi motorbike with some red on the wheels, Wreck-Gar has grey saddlebags, handlebars and a grey seat. There's a small windshield which is transparent blue and a chrome silver headlights. His tyres are black and rubberised. The three earth tones that form the bulk of this toy blend together quite well while the red, grey and black fit into the mood quite well. There's some more silver underneath on his engineblock, and the silver and blue have been used sparingly to create some realism, so they don't ruin the colour theme. There's a rubsign indent on the left side, just below the seat.

   Wreck-Gar has large outriggers on either side, which I suppose are rails for the rider to rest his feet on. In reality they're the robot legs - but help make this look like a mean bike, despite the unusual colours. They actually help give the bike some realism, along with the saddlebags, handlebars and moulded seat. The engineblock, although nestled away, also gets a decent sculpt, making this a pretty good motorbike mode, especially for G1. I suppose this makes sense - there weren't too many motorbikes in G1 and Wreck-Gar is the largest - but he's still all over Iguanus for effort. The fact that there's a grey exhaust pipe on the right side shows that the designer cared about getting this bike mode right.

   As you'd expect there's very little play value here. I'm happy enough that the wheels roll and the outriggers make Wreck-Gar stable while still allowing you to roll him along. The colours work and there's more than enough motorbike detail for Wreck-Gar to be a convincing bike. My only complaint is that the detachable front wheel is quite easy to lose. My Wreck-Gar cost $1, the front wheel $15.


   Unclip the footrests, swing them back to become trailing legs, straighten the legs swing the rear wheel out onto the outside of his left thigh. Slide the engineblock forward slightly to unlock it, fold it down to become the chest, swing out the front wheels struts to become arms. Fold down the red chest piece and then the headlight section, which becomes the head - the face downs down on its own. The loose front wheel can be held as a shield.

Height: 19cm Width: 7cm

   Still based on the three earth tones, although now Wreck-Gar is more colourful since the chest is mainly chrome silver with a red die cast plate at the top. His face is grey with red eyes while there are some grey aspects here and there. The weapons are either red or grey, helping make Wreck-Gar's robot mode more colourful. There are no Autobot symbols visible in this mode although some red stickers on his thighs and needs compliment the red chest plate.

   Wreck-Gar is quite tall and narrow, since his body is based on the frame of a motorbike. The wider aspects of the bike have moved inwards, too - forming the boots. The legs are long and the large head - the headlight and windshield form a sort of helmet - add even more height. While he still looks ok, Wreck-Gar has the shape of a basketballer. The arms are about the right length compared to his torso, but look a little short compared to his legs.

   Wreck-Gar's poseability is pretty good - he even has ball jointed shoulders, a rarity for G1. The elbows are hinged, allowing for a wide range of arm posing. The legs don't move but you're given three weapons to choose from - well a shield and two weapons. Wreck-Gar comes with a grey battle axe and a grey rifle, and you can always place the shield _underneath_ one of the fists if you want him to hold all three accessories.

   Despite the extended height, this is a decent robot mode. Yes, he looks a little odd in these proportions, but Wreck-Gar has impressive arm articulation and good weaponry as well as a decent colour scheme. There are better robot modes amongst the TF:TM characters, but few more poseable. If the legs were a little shorter, this could have been a great robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   With a good bike mode and decent robot mode, Wreck-Gar is a decent toy. His iconic Transformers: The Movie characterisation alone makes this toy desirable, and while the easy-to-lose front wheel is a significant drawback, I'd still recommend Wreck-Gar to G1 fans - 6.5/10

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