WingWaver Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: WingWaver
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Multiforce Leader
Alternate Modes: Grey Fighter Plane, Hydrofoil


Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 7cm

   Wing's vehicle mode is a predominantly light grey fighter plane with red wings and a blue cockpit (black on the reissue). I have no idea what plane it is, although it's rather undefined anyway. For the record, it's a dual-engine, single tainfin plane with swept back wings.

   There's a big hinge behind the cockpit where it swings up for all other modes, and the wings are conspicuously on the bottom of the fuselage. There's a few connecting tabs & sockets here and there, with the two pegs that attach Landcross' chestplate on his wings most visible. The robot arms are clearly visible on the sides, and don't look all that good there. The reissue has an Autobot logo on the left side of the tail.

   Not the greatest plane mode you ever saw, but it's not terrible. Definitely one of the weaker Multiforce robots in this mode, however.


   Swing up the cockpit, pull the back half out to form the legs. Swing the arms up, swing the legs out to the sides so you can access the head and push the head out from underneath. Put the legs back together and you're done. You may need something to coax the head out, it's rather tricky, because Wing's head doesn't have anything you can grab to pull it all the way out.

Height: 8cm Width: 6.5cm

   In robot mode, Wing's grey is still prominent, but with red more common. He's got grey lower legs & arms, his chest, head and wings (on the sides of his shins) are red. The face itself is yellow on the original, silver on the reissue with yellow eyes. He has a wheel on his chest, and two on his wings. The thighs are black on the original and dark silver on the reissue. It's a nice colour scheme, on the original the red has just a hint of pink in it to keep things interesting. The colour scheme is probably the best feature of Wing, in fact. The reissue has silver patches on his chest, which are a little incongruous with the grey plastic, but fit with the silver face that version has.

   With very long shins and very short thighs, he's rather oddly proportioned. The torso is very short, the arms are slightly longer. He has no visible feet, although he has no problems with standing, and does have wing hinges down there to give him something of feet. He has holes in both fists to hold his gun.

   His arms swing up and down, his hips are swivel joints and knees are hinge joints that bend outwards. Considering how simple the transformation is, he's actually pretty poseable - although it's all needed for his transformation to WingWaver.


Height: 4cm Length: 8cm Width: 5cm

   I can't think of any other Transformers that turn into hydrofoils, and I have to say it's a rather nice hydrofoil for it's size. Mainly white, Waver has red foils, a red turbine on the back (I guess it's a Hoverfoil), a blue cabin window and black sections on the sides and bow. These black sections are dark silver on the reissue, which has an Autobot symbol on the port side bow.

   There's a little antenna on the roof, just above the window, and on the right hand side is a knob onto which you can attach Landcross' left hand - which has it's own attached gun, and then you can attach Waver's gun onto that fist. The turbine actually spins if you want to set it in motion, although I don't know if it'd travel very fast (c8

   While his partner has a rather flawed vehicle mode, Waver's vehicle mode is quite cool. In fact it's probably my favourite of all six Multiforce members in this mode.


   Pull down the front to form the legs, pull out the bow and swing it underneath the boat. Swing the front foils down so they are parallel with the ground. Swing the arms down, either to his side or partially - whatever pleases. Lastly pull the head out. Waver's head is easier to pull out than Wing's once it's been pushed out a bit.

Height: 8cm Width: 4.5cm

   Waver's robot mode has more red than his hydrofoil mode. He's got red arms & torso, black (or dark silver) thighs, white shins and head, with a blue face (silver on the reissue). While Wing's feet are MIA, Waver's got huge feet courtesy of the swung down bow halves. Like Wing, his arms are slightly longer than his short torso. The legs are the exact same dimensions as Wing's. Again, like his friend he's got a wheel on the chest, and one on each ankle.

   His arms swing up and down, his hips are swivel joints and knees are hinge joints that bend outwards. He's also got feet that can point down, it's actually possible to have him standing with one leg pointing out to the side, although it'd be a very wide leg spread. Considering how simple the transformation is, he's actually pretty poseable - although it's all needed for his transformation to WingWaver.


   Keep in mind you don't _have_ to make WingWaver. You can make WaverWing (ie Waver on top), or you can steal Mach, Tackle, Dash or Tacker and make any other combination you want...

   Starting with both robots in robot mode, swing back the arms. Push in Waver's head (or whoever's going to be the legs), Spread Wing's legs until they're up in the air on the sides of his body. Fold the wings over. Push Wing's head right in and pull WingWaver's head out the other side. Clip Wing's shoulders onto Waver's shoulders. And you're done.

Height: 11cm Width: 9cm

   The shortest of the three "standard" combinations of Multiforce toys, WingWaver is white, grey & red. The shins & feet are white, the thighs black or dark silver (The legs are identical to Waver's). The arms are grey, but with red wings in front of them. There's no hands as such, the bottom of the arms have holes so WingWaver can hold his two guns. The chest, groin and head are red, the face is yellow on the original, silver on the reissue.

   The shoulders have full poseability thanks to the transform from Wing to WingWaver, and the legs have all the poseability of Waver's, so he's actually able to be positioned a few different ways, although not all will stand up. The poseability is probably his best feature, though. The colours are decent, but don't stand out all that much, and most of the features are just the bottoms of the vehicles. At least he has a groin, unlike his components.


   The original was released in 1989, he was reissued in 2004. The main differences are the substitution of silver for yellow paint, dark silver plastic for black and the addition of stamped Autobot symbols. Neither is essentially superior to the other.    Reissue Wing comes with Landcross's head while Waver comes with a the left fist.

   The reissue set also had chase black versions, which were all black except for charcoal thighs, and silver windows.


   Well, Wing is fairly weak, Waver is a fair bit better, and WingWaver is okay at best. But that's not to say this toy isn't worth getting - it's just that the Multiforce really work best as a set. MachTackle and DashTacker are probably both better as separate sets than WingWaver. And of course as Landcross he's needed. Even taking Landcross out of the equation, half the fun of the Multiforce is the fact that they have 30 different combinations. So I'd only really recommend him if you plan to get the set, or if you have a penchant for Hydrofoils (c8 As a standalone set, I give him 6/10.

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