Wideload Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Wideload
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Materials Transport
Alternate Mode: Dump Truck

Height: 4cm Length: 7cm Width: 4cm

   An orange dump truck with a blue block inside his tray, rather than an empty tray, Wideload has white wheels and black rubber tyres and some black undercarriage under the tray (his pull back motor). I'm pretty neutral on this colour scheme - it's neither horrible or inspiring. Considering he's a dump truck, I'm happy with an unremarkable colour scheme.

   Wideload's truck mode has it's share of moulded detailing, including front grill and headlights, with little ladders next to his headlights (more on those later). There are support beams on the sides of his tray, and a cockpit with moulded windows under the left side of the lip - making Wideload the only asymmetrical Throttlebot. There are moulded lines on the blue block in his tray, which are destined to be robot chest lines. If you have the original version, there'll be a rubsign indent on this block, if you have the Classic, it'll be filled in and replaced with an Autobot logo sticker. While the moulded detail is generally fairly good, I'm disappointed the windows are unpainted and stickerless.

   As with all Throttlebots, the point of Wideload's vehicle mode is his pullback motor. If you pull him back, he'll roll along on his rubber tyres. He's got front and rear axles and a pretty powerful pullback motor. He'll happily roll for 10 metres (30 feet) on a hard floor, and will roll straight, or close to it. One thing about Throttlebots though, once you've bent an axles, that's it - he'll veer to one side for the rest of his existence.

   Wideload is the black sheep of the Throttlebots. Remember the ladders? They suggest that Wideload is _huge_ compared to the sports cars in this subgroup. He's a cross between a dump trunk and one of those mining trucks the size of a large house. Not only is his vehicle mode a stand out amongst the Throttlebots, it's clearly on a different scale.

   While there are some good features, the lack of painted windows and the robot kibble in his tray hold this truck back. While the gimmick itself works well, there are better, Throttlebot vehicle modes.


   Fold up the sides to become the arms, fold the tray up, fold the rear itself down to reveal the head, push in the rear wheels. That's it.

Height: 7cm Width: 6cm

   Wideload now has a blue chest, but other than his red face, he's orange everywhere else. The rubsign or Autobot logo on his chest is the only other colour on a very orange robot. Like the truck colours, this robot's colours are uninspiring without being bad. I'd be more positive if there was more to this colour scheme, though - the sticker on his chest is the only real outburst of colour.

   Like all Throttlebots, his legs are very short and his feet are a solid block. Unlike the others, Wideload has no gap between his legs, which are formed from the lip of the tray. His arms are the tapered sides of the tray - so he has narrow shoulders and wide hands - and four distinctly moulded fingers per hand. His body is essentially a rectangle on wheels, broken only by his head and arms - Wideload's proportions suck even by Throttlebot standards.

   Like all Throttlebots, Wideload has no poseability in this mode at all. His play value is in the pullback motor sticking out behind his feet. The pullback mechanism works equally well in this mode, allowing you to launch Wideload across the kitchen.

   Devoid of articulation and with bad proportions, Wideload's robot mode is pretty poor. While most Throttlebots have some positives, this one just looks bad. The pullback mechanism still works, which is the only real asset of this mode.


   There's the original with rubsign and indent, and the Classic with no indent and a straight Autobot logo sticker. Neither is really superior to the other, although the Classic wasn't released in North America or Japan.


   While I want to give him points for being the unusual Throttlebot, his vehicle mode is worse than those of his teammates and his robot mode is a lot worse. The pull back motor gimmick works quite well, but isn't enough to save the toy. He does have an interesting tech spec, but otherwise I'd recommend the other Throttlebots over Wideload - 3/10

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