Berserker Falcon Toy Review

Individual Review

I have no intention of tracking down the entire chase set, but I'm reviewing the one toy I do have to give an impression of the set. Since the "standard" reissue SixWing toys are Decepticons and the Berserkers are Autobots, I consider them different toys (in effect, I consider them variants of the original SixWing components).

Name: Falcon
Series: Japanese Generation 1 Reissue (Chase)
Allegiance: Cybertron
Alternate Mode: F-16 Fighter Jet

Jet Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 6.5cm Width: 5.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A white F-16 with almost no colour - he has black backwards facing Autobot logos stamped onto the wings and that's it. The white gives him something of an albino look, and while I would have appreciated a little paint, mainly on the canopy, the white does bring out his moulded details well.    This is barely an F-16 in truth, the nose and canopy doesn't look much it should, because there's a giant hinge behind the canopy. The back section is broadly accurate, although the level of detail isn't great. There are missiles on the wingtips which are quite well defined, while the canopy is hard to discern without paint.

   Falcon has two white wheels under the wings, but there's nothing in front to help out so he'll either tip right back or sag forward. This is a boring fighter jet, but as a chase repaint it's okay. It's better than the Decepticon version, despite the loss of paint, which is an indictment on the colours of reissue SixWing.

   To transform Falcon, extend the nose, flip the canopy back, fold the wings and stand him up. The tailfins and thruster sit awkwardly above his head with nowhere else to go.

   The robot mode is entirely white, without even Autobot logos. The scariest part about this is that this colour scheme is easily better than the pastel explosion of the Decepticon version. It's quite boring but as a limited repaint there's a certain charm to this robot mode's monochromatic nature. The sculpt on his chest and head is actually fairly good, and with no colour or painted details to distract the eyes, the detail is quite prominent.

   The boots are a single hollow block, which is pretty disappointing. The feet have a hole that I can deal with, since this hole is needed to clip him into SixWing's thigh piece - but coupled with the lazy thigh moulding the legs looks awful.

   While I quite like the F-16's design, Falcon's mould is quite poor. In this case the mould isn't really the point, of course. The white chase set is in many ways a wiser idea than the pastel-laden standard reissue, and on that alone I'm happy that I got one of the chase toys. What's even more satisfying is that the chase I got is one of the legs - where the pastels did the most damage. While on it's own the white set is very sterile, it's easier on the eyes than the standard set. I wouldn't recommend it as such, since the chase sets can be pricey, but given a choice at no price difference, I'd go for the berserkers over the pastel set.

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