War For Cybertron Soundwave Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Soundwave
Series: Generations
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Armoured Truck

Height: 4.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 7.5cm

   A navy blue Cybertronian truck with mid grey plastic wheels along with a few other grey elements interspersed with silver painted elements (they're meant to represent the same colour). Soundwave has a gold square on the front, which surrounds a transparent purple window sporting a gold stamped Decepticon logo. The colours are fairly simple, and despite the mixture of grey and silver are very unified. They represent the character well - these colours have become iconically Soundwave.

   As with the other War For Cybertron inspired toys in the Generations line, Soundwave's alt mode is a Cybertronian vehicle. Unlike many Cybertronian/futuristic vehicle modes down the years, the shape is good without too many odd angles or protrusions. He's essentially a box on wheels - flatter than your usual SUV but much wider and squatter than your usual truck. The window at the front represents the cassette door of his original form, and doesn't much look like a windshield, if we're honest. Still, the emphasis here is on his non-Earthen form and who says he has to have a Earth-style cabin? There are five backwards curving talons on the front - three in the middle pointing down and one on either side, pointing up.

   There's some play value here, and more than you'd expect of a deluxe truck. The wheels roll, and do so fairly well - he'll happily roll along the table if you push him off. The tape door folds forward to reveal a storage compartment for his two weapons (a nice G1 homage). The weapons can plug into either side just above the rear fenders. Both weapons are blue painted over transparent purple plastic with grey at the front. One is the shoulder cannon we saw back in G1 while the other has an extendable barrel, and resembles the G1 missile launcher. The side talons can swing down independently while the missile three can lift up as one. This doesn't do much, and they look better folded up, but it's nice that they were given hinges.

   A good vehicle mode despite a very simple concept. The tribute works well despite this alt mode being nothing like the classic cassette recorder, thanks to the colours & the false cassette door on the front. Soundwave's play value is surprisingly good here, and the vehicle itself looks good.


   Detach and set aside the weapons, if attached. Unclip the roof, split and fold back the rear of the vehicle as legs. Rotate the roof panels as feet, pivot the rear wheel panels & stand him up. Pivot the front up and stand into position so that the cassette door is his chest. Split the front of the roof, pull the sides out as arms, revealing his head. Fold down the roof panels, rotate the forearms into position & flip out his fists. Fold back the front wheels, attach the weapons and you're done.

Height: 15cm Width: 11cm

   A blue and grey robot, Soundwave has a blue chest, blue head, blue boots, upper arms and fists. His feet, forearms and thighs are grey while the cassette door, complete with gold Autobot logo, is on his chest. His face is classic Soundwave - a silver mouthplate and red eyes. It's a colour scheme which very much fits the character and one that also works well visually.

   There are a couple of odd features here - although not really bad ones. The claws on his waist remind me of a codpiece and there are unusual inwards-curved shoulder pylons. The rear wheels fit fairly nicely on the outsides of his boots while the front wheels hang somewhat uncomfortable off his back. These wheels are only only real shortcoming here visually - it's more a case of they look like they should tuck away but don't than them getting in the way of anything.

   The play value here is pretty much on par with his vehicle mode. The weapons can still stow in what is now his chest or they can be deployed. He can hold them in either fist and there's a hold for the shoulder cannon on the right side of his head. The claws on his waist can lift up, although I'm not sure what this would achieve. Soundwave has excellent poseability. His head rotates while the shoulders, hips and ankles are ball jointed. His elbows have two hinges & rotators while the knees are hinged with rotators mid-thigh. The ankle joints are nice & sturdy and his heelspurs are of a good size, making Soundwave's poseability very useful.

   A good robot mode with the iconic face & chest of the character, along with his usual colours. The wheels floating at the back are a little weird, but don't get in the way. His poseability is very useful thanks to great ankle joints & the weapons are well utilised. Soundwave feels quite understated since his colours are dull & blended, but this is a well put together robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A good toy that tributes the character well while managing great play value in both modes and a vehicle mode that's something entirely new for Soundwave. The colours, face and false cassette door combine to make this very much Soundwave. The ball jointed ankles - so often a weakness - are an asset here. If you like the WFC style of toys (or that video game), I'd recommend Soundwave - 9/10

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