Weirdwolf Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Weirdwolf
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Tracker
Alternate Mode: Wolf

Height: 10.5cm Length: 21cm Width: 8cm

   A golden yellow wolf with turquoise paws, a light grey head and light grey tail. There's a transparent red hatch on top which opens to reveal a cockpit of sorts for Monzo. Weirdwolf has red eyes and some stickers here and here, along with silver chrome on his elbows. Just above the elbows he sports Decepticon symbol stickers, and on the left shoulder he sports a rubsign indent (and rubsign). The colours work fairly well as a combination, although the grey head on a yellow body is a little odd.

   This is a pretty stocky wolf, with solid limbs. The front legs are quite dog-like even if the hindlegs are fairly obviously the robot legs reconfigured. the wolf shape is quite well defined overall, with the head quite well done for a robotic wolf head. There are three teeth hanging from the upper jaw, and some mane-line ridges on the neck.

   There's some poseability here - about as much as I'd realistically hope for. The tail can lift up, the jaws open (both move, not just the lower jaw) and the legs all swing. The hindlegs can only move so far before the rump gets pushed out of shape, mind you. Still, I'm not complaining - the opening mouth is fairly unusual for G1 beasts like this. Unlike most Headmasters, the cockpit doesn't allow Monzo to sit - you have to insert him in head mode or upside down.

   The colours are a little odd - mainly the combination of yellow and grey, but otherwise this is a decent wolf mode. The poseability is quite respectable, and it _looks_ like a robotic wolf, rather than just a quadruped as quite a few G1 beasts seem to.


   Pretty simple, really. Take Monzo out of the cockpit, remove the tail which doubles as a sword. Lift the rump and head up onto his back, straighten the legs to form robot legs, flip back the beast paws. Swing the forelegs down to form robot arms, again flip back the paws to reveal the fists, slide up the panels on his shoulders (these just add some detailing). Attach Monzo as the head, give Weirdwolf his sword and gun.

Height: 14.5cm Width: 8cm

   Again mainly yellow, with the grey now restricted to his chestplate. The thighs, shoulders and forearms are turquoise while his head is a mid grey with a red face and unpainted eyes. There's a Decepticon logo symbol on the chestplate and some generic sticker detailing mainly on his legs. The colours are a little more balanced now - the darker grey works better with the yellow. The yellow and turquoise is quite distinctive and while it's not gaudy, the combination of the two isn't fantastic.

   Weirdwolf is shorter than most 1987 Headmasters, since his torso is quite short. Having said that, you don't really notice the torso's odd shape unless you try to figure out _why_ he's short, so I'm fine with his shape. The arms have shoudler pylons, which slope backwards and feature the open-panel detailing, which is series of circles. There's a lot of backpack to this robot mode, with the beast head, rump and paws all rather crudely stashes on the back - Weirdwold looks bad from the back or side, although there aren't any weight issues.

   There's a decent amount of poseability in the arms, which have all the poseability here. The shoulders swing and the elbows can lift up, although they drag the paws hanging off the back with them. The legs don't gain any useful poseability from transformation joints. Weirdwolf has the obligatory tech spec meter in his chest - when you plug Monzo into his neck, you can flip open the chestplate, his specs will appear as Monzo clicks into place (SPD 9, STR 8, INT 8).

   A reasonable robot mode, but nothing special The play value is about average for a Headmaster, the colours are certainly unusual for a Decepticon, but aren't enough to make this robot mode stand out in a meaningful way. While I don't dislike it, there's just not enough in Weirdwolf's robot mode for me to really get into it - certainly not with all that kibble on his back.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A decent wolf mode with odd colours and an okay robot mode with an extra helping of backpack make Weirdwolf one of the weaker Headmasters. He's far from awful - the Headmasters are a pretty good set of toys - but he's not inspiring either. If you like Headmasters and find him for a fair price, Weirdwolf is a decent toy, but there are better Headmasters - 5.5/10

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