Robotmasters Victory Saber Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Victory Saber
Series: Robot Masters
Allegiance: Cybertron
Alternate Mode: Space Cruiser (technically a Gestalt comprising Victory Leo & Star Saber)

Height: 6cm Length: 21cm Width: 13.5cm

   This mode is essentially Star Saber's cruiser mode with Victory Leo boxed in and inserted into the gap between his thrusters, so the front is largely red, white and blue while the back is black with some yellow. The good news is that the dominant feature of Victory Leo here is his wings, and the milky white plastic matches that which is so prevalent on Star Saber. Combine the matching whites with the minor role the yellow plays and you end up with a decent colour scheme considering the differences in the toy component toys.

   The front half is identical to Star Saber's jet mode, although with Victory Leo tucked in the back it doesn't look quite as unfinished anymore. For his part, Victory Leo is little more than a block supporting the extra set of wings and three cannons, but the addition of these really make this mode work, since they overwhelm the still visible helmet of Star Sabre and give this cruiser a "massive" feel. Of course, there's a lion head at the back, but otherwise I'm glad Victory Leo can attach. The other thing he brings is stability - Star Saber's jet mode isn't stable on it's own unless you deploy his feet.

   The play value here is really limited to the largest, central cannon - which is a missile launcher. There are no wheels anywhere, but I don't mind that so much. You can potentially detach the back half and the nose to form three separate vehicles, but only the nose (Star Sabre's small robot) works on it's own.

   Better than the solo cruiser mode of Star Saber's, this one feels far more complete. Of course, it's really only a sideshow to the robot mode, but is still impressive in it's own way.


   Transform Star Saber into robot mode, but leave his feet stowed. Lift out Victory Leo's back, arms and head to form a winged backpack for Victory Saber, split his torso and fold the halves up into feetpads, fold the red toes out from what was Victory Leo's legs. Victory Saber can hold any of the four hand weapons, but you're really meant to use the missile launcher and sabre. The two big cannons sit on his shoulders.

Height: 16cm Width: 13.5cm

   This really is Star Saber with some Victory Leo additions - to the point where it's really just a powered up Star Saber. So rather than repeat much of my Star Saber review I'm just going to cover the additions and changes. The colour scheme is mainly white and red with the black boots formed from the bottom half of Victory Leo, with a spattering of blue and yellow. The chest, head and arms are all just Star Saber's, and he's now wearing Victory Leo's wings. The end result? It's Star Saber with big wings and giant boots. Mind you, the wingspan is impressive and the shoulder cannons really add to the majesty and power of this character.

   The play value is pretty much that of Star Saber, although you have two shoulder cannons, a yellow handgun and the missile launcher as extra weaponry options, on top of the sabre and blue handgun. While it's not possible for him to utilise all four handheld weapons at once it's impressive that he has the options available.

   There aren't too many negatives here that weren't part of Star Saber - the only notable flaw is the somewhat loose connection between the boots and Star Saber's feet. Each connection is a single round peg, and while the fit is fairly tight, I'd have preferred something more - even a fairly small stabilising peg on each foot, since the joints rely on friction keeping the boots pointing forward. The cannons on his shoulders crowd out his head a little, but they don't get in the way at all.

   Really this is just Star Saber with some Victory Leo armour, and this robs Victory Saber of any real personality. Still an impressive figure, even if most of the play value is derived from the weaponry rather than great articulation.


   None as such, although this is a scaling down of the original set released late in the G1 line in Japan.


   A fun set, and both toys are clearly designed together, so I'd strongly recommend getting both if you're after one of them. While Victory Leo gives more of himself to the combined mode, Star Saber's the one who suffers in jet more. If you're interested in the characters/concept but turned off by the silly prices the originals fetch, then I'd recommend this set. For more casual fans, I'd really only recommend importing it if you like the Robotmasters as a whole. While this is certainly a good set, the Japanese late G1 style isn't for everyone - 7/10

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