Victory Saber Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Victory Saber
Series: Victory
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Ultimate Supreme Commander
Alternate Mode: Space Cruiser

Thanks to Pulse for loaning me Victory Saber for this review

Height: 16cm Length: 58cm Width: 38.5cm

   This one is basically Star Saber's combined vehicle mode with Victory Leo's vehicle mode jammed into the aft. In fact, the only modification to either is a pair of clips pulled out from the sides of Victory Leo to keep the two together. So this vehicle is white towards the front with a red nose, a blue central fuselage and black and yellow at the back with giant white wings. The grey guns sit on top, towards the back. The colours are... well, clearly a fusion of two vehicles.

   The dimensions of this vehicle are impressive, and the huge wings look good, but we have two heads visible on top - the red helmet of Star Saber towards the front under the main cannon and Victory Leo's at the back. There are Autobot logos on the blue winglets midway on either side, none on the white wings. The sides sport the "Star Saber" stickers which are prevalent on that toy. It's fairly apparent that Victory Leo's alt mode is designed around making this combined vehicle work, and while this one isn't great, it's much better than Victory Leo's vehicle. As combined vehicle modes go, this one is decent, but it's still a little forced.

   There isn't much play value here. There are a total of eight wheels underneath for him to roll on, the central gun fires a single yellow missile and the cockpit opens for the mini Brainmaster figure to pilot the vehicle. The two components don't hold together all that well, sadly.

   A mediocre vehicle, but as combined vehicles go it's okay. Victory Saber's size is impressive, with the huge wings and guns helping. I can deal with the mixed colours, but two visible heads is just too much for me. It's a giant brick that wants to split in two, which bothers me.


   Transform Stat Saber into combined robot mode (see that review for details), leave the feet untransformed. Press the yellow button jammed up in front of Victory Leo's wings, releasing his legs and chest as two pieces. These pieces fold up and clip under Star Saber's feet to become feet, with the chest halves actually becoming the soles of Victory Saber's feet. The backpack part clips over two blue towers on Star Saber's back, and under his... skidplate. The smaller guns then plug into the red clips on the top, the sword fits into one hand while the giant grey gun clips over the other elbow.

Height: 39cm Width: 38.5cm

   A white and red robot with black, red and yellow boots and giant white wings, this is very much Star Saber with clogs and wings. The colours are almost as unified as Star Saber's combined robot mode, since it's pretty much that robot anyway - the black and yellow in his feet don't really change a lot. The wings are a nice touch, making Victory Saber a ridiculously heroic figure, and they match the dominant white here perfectly.

   Between his three giant grey guns, huge chromed sword and giant wings, Victory Saber looks like the ber-powered-up anime bot that he is. As with the vehicle mode, the sheer size of this robot mode is impressive, although he doesn't just rely on scale to give this impression, thanks to the wings and guns. Even for this giant robot mode the grey cannon is huge - you have to lift up one of the shoulder pads to leave room for it, so he'll only sport one Autobot (Cybertron) logo as a result. The other aspect I'm not a fan of here is the kibble on his ankles - Victory Leo's hindclaws hang out on the sides of his ankles awkwardly.

   The poseability is the same as that of Star Saber - the shoulders wing and the elbows lift up to about 85 while the legs and head are fixed. The blade can no longer be drawn from his back as on Star Saber, which is a shame. The missile launcher is available, although the missile is tiny compared to this giant robot.

   A nice combined mode, even if it cheats by relying very heavily on Star Saber's aesthetics. The colours work, the wings look really good and the weaponry all comes together nicely. He's quite static, but that's to be expected for a combined toy of this vintage. A great display piece, despite some kibble issues.


   None that I'm aware of. There is a smaller Robotmasters version.


   Victory Saber is one of those toys that relies on scale to impress - he's huge, with an enormous wingspan and a _lot_ of plastic involved. The combined vehicle mode isn't much more than Star Saber with bigger wings, and while it's okay for what it is, it isn't terribly impressive. The robot mode is the main show, and it works well visually since it's pretty much Star Saber with Victory Leo plugged into the edges to make him bigger. With giant wings, giant guns, good colours and a very heroic look, the robot mode is a good display piece. I can't really recommend this one, due to the cost of actually buying both components, but Victory Saber works as a display piece. I don't really think he's worth getting Victory Leo to power up Star Saber, but does add some nice features - 6/10

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