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Cliffbee.com Universe Legends Hound Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Hound
Series: Universe 2.0
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Jeep

Thanks to kup for donating Hound, making this review possible.

Height: 3.5cm Length: 7cm Width: 3.5cm

   A mid green Jeep with pine green seats, running board and tyres, Hound has black paint on his windshield and front bumper, white headlights, a silver winch, a yellow star on the right fender and champagne gold on his rear tray. He's the traditional roofless army Jeep rather than a modern road vehicle. I'm not really sure why he's mid green with pine tyres rather than army green with black - the mid green I can live with but the green tyres don't look right. The paint applications _are_ nice mind you, and there's a nice Autobot logo on the hood. While the greens are off, the paint job is above the standard of earlier - and most contemporary - Legends.

   This Jeep is quite well sculpted and while there are some gaps at the back and above the running boards, there are no angles here that look really poor, as is the case with some Legends toys. The sculpt is adequate as well, with a steering wheel and a gearstick visible - he's left hand drive, for what it's worth. The winch is also well sculpted despite being generic - it doesn't _look_ like generic detailing, and Hound sports rudimentary rear vision mirrors on the front fenders. As you'd expect, Hound's only play value is the rolling wheels.

   A good Jeep mode overall, but one that's needlessly held back by the stupid decision to use pine green plastic instead of black. Aside from the fact that green tyres aren't a good idea, the pine serves to highlight the fact that the body of the toy is not army green - which wouldn't have been an issue against black. The paint job and sculpt are both good, which saves Hound from the poor plastic choice, but it's still frustrating that his main flaw was so avoidable.


   Flip the rear over to form boots and fold the seats down to form feet. Swing the running boards out to form arms, fold the front down as his chest - revealing the head - and swing the windshield down onto his back.

Height: 7.5cm Width: 4.5cm

   Again a mid green robot, Hound has pine green thighs, feet and arms along with the pine green tyres on his waist and shins. His shins are painted champagne while his waist is black with some yellow. His face is silver with delicate blue eyes while all the painted detailing on the front of the Jeep is now on his chest, although the Autobot logo recedes from view - it's on the back of his head. It's a good colour scheme which matches the character well, although again the arms should be black and I still can't see why the pine green plastic needs to be here (it's not really a liability, a least).

   Hound has a good bodyshape and the use of his seats as feet is really clever. The tyres on his waist make his torso a little wide but it's fine since the front of the Jeep is a great feature on his chest - and matches the character. In fact the bodyshape is _better_ than G1 Hound's, since the legs and arms are longer and the arms wider. The arms are set back further than they should be but this is a fairly minor thing.

   Hound's poseability is good. His shoulders and hips are ball jointed and while the tyres on the waist hamper his arms a little, the legs are great with hinged knees and ankles - and the seats give him stable feet with heelspurs.

   A good robot mode despite the wide waist, Hound is visually attractive and very much looks like the G1 character he represents. He's not perfect - the pine green arms are a mistake - but this is a very good robot mode for a Legends toy.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A great Legends mould with two good modes and one that suits the character very well, Hound should be an excellent Legends toy - and has the paint job to match, but is held back by a bewildering decision to _not_ use black plastic on his tyres. Despite this he's still very satisfying and is worth picking up at his low price - 9/10 /10

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