Twin Twist Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Twin Twist
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Demolitions
Alternate Mode: Drill Tank

Height: 4.5cm Length: 9cm Width: 7cm

   A white and blue Cybertronian drill tank with twin silver drills on the front, Twin Twist is nothing like any tank ever built. He's a lump of white pieces over a blue base, which is visible at the front where the drills attach. The drills are chromed, and he sports an Autobot symbol between them. The only other colour on this tank is supplied by red stickers on the white panels on top of the tank.

   Twin Twist has treads moulded onto the outriggers on the sides, as well as moulded wheels, pistons and such. The moulded detail is actually very good by G1 standards, which makes up somewhat for the ill-defined tank mode.

   The main gimmick of the Jumpstarters is the pull back motor. The idea is that when you release the toy, it'll roll forward and eventually auto-transforming, popping up into robot mode, standing upright. There's an adjustable switch on the back of Twin Twist's head (underneath the rear of the tank), that allows you to fine tune his balance, allowing him to flip properly.

   In reality the gimmick isn't so good. My Twin Twist no longer flips up, although he will roll - slowly - about two metres along a hard floor. There's a little latch that keeps the tank mode together, and if it breaks he's stuck in robot mode. Assuming it works, it's not a bad idea, but it's not the most durable mechanism, and a neutered transformation is a high price to pay.

   The Cybertronian vehicle mode is in stark contrast to the Transformers of his era, and it's a bit of a mess. The moulded detail is easily it's best feature, since the pull back motor does provide some play value but bring it's own set of problems.


   In theory, pull him back, let him roll and he'll flip up. Failing that, you'll either have to coax the pull back mechanism by hand or stick something under the right side white top panel to release the latch, releasing the legs, which allows the springs in his hips to do the rest.

Height: 10cm Width: 7cm

   The blue and white colour scheme is carried into the robot mode. His torso is blue while the arms, legs and head are white. His face is painted silver, and features eyes, lips, a nose, cheeks and a chin - great detail for a Transformer of the time. There's some black plastic visible, in the form of the rear wheels on his toes and the latch on the right side of his chest. This mode is a little more interesting in terms of colours, since there's a mixture of yellow and red stickers on his torso and legs. He has a rubsign on his left foot and an Autobot symbol half hidden on his groin.

   The legs are short and stocky, while his feet are giant things, with a huge footprint - so that he can flip upright easily without overshooting. Twin Twist is basically unable to fall forward - you've pretty much got to send him flying to achieve that. His arms are also quite stocky, mainly so they match the legs. The proportions of the torso are fairly good, and the level of detail in this mode is pretty good, but the giant boots - as well as the beam under his feet joining them together - prevent this mode from being anything more than mediocre.

   His shoulders rotate, he can rotate his arms 360, allowing him to aim his big chrome silver gun. That's really it for the play value here. The pull back mechanism, unlike some Transformers' mechanisms, is now on his back, so it's no use.

   I'd probably call this the better mode, simply because it's clearly a humanoid robot, with a fairly good sculpt. The giant boots bug me, and without a realistic alt mode, there's a distinct lack of car/plane parts visible, so this robot mode really fails to inspire.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A fairly forgettable toy, Twin Twist never appeared in the cartoon, so this is a toy that's fairly easy to skip. The Jumpstarters were the Transformers' first pull back toys, and were better than the next attempt, the Battlechargers. His partner Topspin is slightly better, mainly since his colours work a little better. Unusually for a G1 toy, Twin Twist is very cheap on the secondary market. Unless you're a completist, price is really the only reason you'd get him - 3/10

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