Treadshot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Treadshot
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Gunslinger
Alt Mode: None, formerly a revolver

Height: 9.5cm Width: 5cm

   A black robot with grey joints, feet, hands and thighs and a grey head, Treadshot has a brown waist with brown handlegrip on the outsides of his boots. His face is quite simple, with a pink eyevisor and crest and a blue mouthplate, it's almost Stormtrooper like in it's simplicity. His waist is the grey cylinder of the pistol, and the shortened muzzle of the pistol is above this, at the bottom of his chest, and is pink inside. The pink isn't the best choice, but it's sparing enough that it doesn't hurt the overall appearance. Despite the pink this is a good colour scheme, and it's appropriate for the implied alt mode.

   Treadshot's arms are part black casing and part grey "underneath", suggesting that his arms extend during transformation like those of Megatron. His feet also follow Megatron's example, although his groin and chest are different. What I like about this layout is that the gun mode is strongly suggested yet the robot mode's aesthetic isn't compromised. In fact the cylinder and muzzle on the torso add to Treadshot's overall look.

   His gun is black, and while it's a slightly different black to that of Treadshot himself, you don't really notice. Finally, an Actionmaster with a matching handgun. He sports a Decepticon logo sticker on his left shoulder, which faces out rather than forward. I don't mind this since he wears it like a patch, which seems appropriate for a gunslinger (almost like a badge, I guess).

   Poseability is identical to that of every other Actionmaster - the head turns, the shoulders rotate, the knees bend and the hips are G.I.Joe style ball joints based on an internal metal T.


   A black disc puma with fluorescent red legs and an orange tail. His legs all rotate, and the hindlegs are in a ready-to-pounce pose, which looks pretty good. The head has moulded eyes and an open mouth. The handle of his gun mode sits underneath the head, which is my only real complaint here. There are two holes on his rump into which you can plug Treadshot's gun.

   Pressing down on the tip of his tail will flip the head to form the gun mode - then you just fold up the legs and attach the handgun. The gun is of course huge, but unlike a lot of Actionmaster guns it can actually be held properly by Treadshot, and he can even stand up while holding it (requires a little care, but it's not hard to do). Catgut's puma mode is better that the gun mode, but at least the gun mode is actually capable of doing what it's meant to do.


   None that I know of. I'd love to see this design redone so that Treadshot can actually transform, though.


   One of the best Actionmasters, Treadshot avoids most of the problems that plague so many toys in this group. The former revolver alt mode is done very well and looks great on him, the main colours are great, Catgut has a great beast mode and a working gun mode, which is in itself worth noting. My only real complaint is the use of pink on the muzzle. If you're an Actionmaster fan I'd strongly recommend this guy. Even if you're not, I'd still recommend taking a look, since Treadshot has everything but an actual transformation - 9/10 for Treadshot, 7/10 for Catgut

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