Transquito Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Transquito
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Air Assault & Reconnaissance
Alternate Mode: Mosquito

Height: 8cm Length: 18cm Width: 25.5cm

   A light brown mosquito with dark brown legs and antennae, transparent yellow wings and some lilac connections here and there, Transquito manages to look respectable despite his odd combination. Thankfully the lilac is sparing on this insect, and the browns are neutral enough to not get in the way of each other. The proboscis is also transparent yellow, which fits well with the wings, despite being an odd choice.

   While the mosquito shape is reasonably good, this is far from an inspiring beast mode. He's incapable of standing on his legs - Transquito lies on his belly. The head doesn't really stay together well - there's a spring gimmick inside which causes it to pop open when you don't want it to. The proboscis is actually a missile launcher but it's useless in this mode - so the mosquito can't use the missile. The robot mode hands are open palmed, which would be fine if they weren't clearly visible underneath the thorax - fists would have been better here. On the upside, Transquito does have well defined head sections, the head, thorax and abdomen are easy to distinguish.

   What poseability this beast might have had is more or less useless, for different reasons. The antennae are on ball joints, but they're too long and slender to move easily - you're likely to snap the stems or cause the head to disassemble if you move the antennae. The ball joints are just a little too tight, which is frustrating. The ball joints at the base of the legs are too loose, although they'd have to be pretty damn tight to support the weight of this toy, so I'm going to exonerate the ball joints this time. The wings can open up to form attack-claws, although I'm not sure how he'd stay airbourne with these claws formed. There's a slider on top, the idea being that the wings will swing back and forth as you slide. In reality, as you slide forwards the wings struggle to move _backwards_ and vice versa. More than likely, you'll push the slider hard only for the teeth of the internal gears to jump and the head to disassemble.

   As much as I'd like to be positive about this beast mode - how often do we get unusual insects like this - I can't be. The basic form is good but a combination of half-assed gimmicks and some downright dumbs aspects (the open robot hands, the weak leg joints) really drag Transquito's beast mode down.


   The adbomen halves open out to become boots, twisting down to reveal the thighs. The head splits open awkwardly and folds down to become a chestpate while the robot head springs up. The forearms fold down, the upper arms detach from posts on his body and that's it. This guy could be a basic, if not for the seemingly useless springs in the head area.

Height: 17cm Width: 25cm

   Again mainly light brown, with a lot more of that lilac thrown in on his thighs, feet, upper arms and head. The beast legs (which hang off his forearms, doing nothing other than keeping Transquito from entering any doorways) and antennae on his chest remain dark brown while the missile - now in his mouth - and the wings on his back are transparent yellow. I really don't like the combination of light brown and lilac here. The light brown has a sheen while the lilac is matte, and while they managed to play peacefully in beast mode, this time around the emphasis on lilac ruins things. Not that it matters really - all the other BW Megas are already laughing at Transquito.

   The springs that cause so many problems on the beast mode aren't really useful here - they simply keep the chest together. There's no compelling reason why Transquito needs open palms - sure they look okay here, but it's not worth the loss in insect mode. The beast legs look really stupid - far worse than on other beasts such as Waspinator. The thighs are thin and the simple transformation of the legs is to blame - they had to fit inside the abdomen.

   Transquito has no handheld weaponry - which is why I suspect they went with open palms (as on Bonecrusher). The yellow missile, which sits in his mouth, fires fairly well, but I don't like how it sticks out a full centimetre while loaded. Again this is a feature shared with Bonecrusher - but his missile didn't protrude. There's nowhere else to put the missile, and you need it loaded in mosquito mode. It vaguely looks like he's spitting, which is why I'd like to put it somewhere else.

   Transquito's poseability is fairly good - the shoulders and hips are ball jointed while his knees, elbows and ankles are hinged. There are rotators above the knees and another in the neck. Sadly, the wings on his back tend to droop down like a cape, due to their weight - they'd make for a great feature if they could stay up. The effective poseability is decent, and helped by the wings acting as third leg in some poses. This mediocre poseability is the high point of Transquito's robot mode (in an era of high poseability that's not saying much).

   A very disappointing robot mode for a deluxe - and he's a mega. The colours are awful, the good beast aspects fail (the wings) while the crappy ones (the legs) are awfully prominent. The missile launcher gimmick works but looks really bad while those springs don't bring anything useful.


   None that I know of, although Big Mos from the BWII line in Japan is a repaint of Transquito. There is actually a battle station mode in this toy, by the way, but it's so half-baked I wouldn't bother - you simply fold out the wing section at the back of the insect mode as a giant claw weapon.


   I only bought this toy since I had every other BW toy, and did so when I found him shelfwarming at The Bay (in Montreal). This was several years after BW and Transquito was the only BW toy they had (an entire endcap worth, no less). I wasn't expecting much, which is lucky because he has little to offer. The mosquito mode is morphologically speaking quite good, but the gimmicks bring nothing and the poseability fails. Add in some instability and a silly third mode and you have a dull if not awful beast mode. The robot mode is awful with few highlights - bad colours, a silly gimmick, gimpish legs all conspire to ruin it. The transformation is on par with many basic BW transformations - which is on par with the rest of the toy, I guess. Unless you get him for a couple of dollars, I wouldn't bother - 2.5/10

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