Transmutate Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Transmutate
Series: Beast Wars
Alternate Mode: None

Thanks to kup for loaning me Transmutate for this review

Height: cm Width: cm

   Transmutate was a single-episode character introduced in the Beast Wars cartoon. Unable to transform and physically malformed, Transmutate did not have a clearly defined gender (although it's voice was provided by Susan Blu, and a lot of fans refer to the character as a female). The character was never intended to transform, and while the feature episode did explicitly state that Transmutate has a spark. Which means that - as a character - Transmutate is a Transformer. The toy, however, was sold in pieces, packaged within the boxes of Beast Wars toy reissues (Dinobot, Rhinox, Cheetor, Tarantulas, Transmetal Rattrap and Waspinator), and has nothing resembling a transformation. So he/she/it is somewhere in that grey area - it's definitely a Transformers character, but is the toy itself a Transformer?

   Without trying to put forth my own opinion on the matter, I find that I can't really review this figure as a Transformer. So I'll just review what I can (c8

Height: 17cm Width: 8cm

   A champagne gold and ceramic blue robot, Transmutate has extensive black paint in it's seams simulating a "worn" look and red eyes. It's essentially a blue toy with extensive champagne and black paint. The shiny gold looks good and there's a lot of care taken in putting together this paint job. The colour scheme and map are very close to those seen in the cartoon, which is to be expected since this figure doesn't have to accommodate a transformation and is directly based on the cartoon.

   Transmutate's sculpt is also quite good, the facial sculpt is great, the seams on his body match those on the cartoon. The right forearm is a pod, as in the cartoon while the left has three well sculpted fingers. The limbs are more or less pre-posed, and while both arms and the left leg swing, the bent elbows and knees dictate the pose - the knees are bent in opposite directions so Transmutate has no choice but to be in a walking pose. That walking pose looks fine, anyway.

   Along with the swinging shoulders and hip, the neck turns at the base, which can also slide down the chest, simulating the way Transmutate's head dipped as part of it's gait in the cartoon. There are two blue hoses which connect the back of the head to the back, and they're composed of a soft plastic. The forearm pod is fixed, which is a bit of a shame since it'd make a good weapon option if aim-able. Still, this is a minor issue I'm holding against a well designed figure.

   As nice as this figure is - for what it is - I can't really recommend Transmutate. Mainly because of the way it was sold. For me, a fan who picked up the Beast Wars figures back in 1996 (or thereabouts), the sheer cost of picking up six duplicates just doesn't justify a non-transforming figure. Okay, I did pick up the reissue Dinobot, but I couldn't bring myself to buy them all. If you do need to pick up 4 or more of them, then I would recommend getting all six to complete Transmutate. If you're considering buying the set as doubles to pick up Transmutate, well, I'll leave that decision up to you. Ignoring how this figure was sold, I'll give it 8/10

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