Torca Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Torca
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Infantry
Alternate Mode: Elephant/Whale Fusion

Height: 10.5cm Length: 18cm Width: 9cm

   A midnight blue and gold quadrupedal beast with ivory tusks, red gums and silver teeth, Torca has a nice colour scheme, even if the colours aren't quite realistic. The blue closely corresponds with the whale parts and the gold is entirely on elephant aspects of the toy. The top of the toy, including the dorsal fin, tail and head are blue while the lower body and legs are gold. There are blue elephant ears behind the tusks and pectoral fins on the outsides of the front legs, which are blue fading to gold at the base. While I'm not sure that a gold elephant is entirely accurate, the fusion of colours works well and he's far from a realistic creature anyway.

   In many ways Torca is something of a forgotten toy, since he's one of the better Fuzors yet didn't appear in the show and came towards the end of the line. The fusion makes for a strange beast, but he captures both animals in his form and has appropriate textures on both the smooth whale elements and wrinkled elephant aspects. As a fantasy creature this is a pretty good beast, and he doesn't rely on weird colours or abrupt transitions to make the fusion obvious.

   The poseability here is decent - the front legs have ball joints at the hips, knees and ankles while the real hips and ankles are hinged. The lower jaw swings down to reveal a moulded tongue and rather elephant-like lower teeth. There's also an action gimmick here - pull back the dorsal fin and the tusks, which curve inwards, will swing inwards like pincers. While it's a fairly simple concept, it works. They don't quite move far enough for him to crush a Predacon, but the effect is still nifty. You can also slide the fin itself forward, which unleashes a jet of water (assuming you've filled the fin unit with water).

   While this is an unusual beast, as a Fuzor it's fairly good, with a tasteful colour scheme, and Torca's base animals are well merged. The articulation is enough to keep me happy - while he's not the most poseable beast, elephants are lumbering creatures that only really display any dexterity in the trunk - and Torca doesn't have a trunk. While the idea might not be the coolest Fuzor concept, this is one of the better Fuzor beast modes.


   Detach the dorsal fin, lift up the sides and lift up the tail onto his back. Swing the robot groin halves down and clip them together, straighten the hindlegs to form robot legs. Flip out the heelspurs, rotate the front feet to reveal his hands, bring the arms down to his sides and fold the lower jaw down to form a chestplate. Split the beast head and rotate the halves down onto his back, give Torca his handgun.

Height: 16.5cm Width: 10.5cm

   As with the beast mode, the robot mode has midnight blue on top and gold on the bottom, although things aren't quite as simple. The torso is blue with the red tongue as a chestplate, the head is a mix of gold and blue with some blue behind it, the limbs are gold and the fists and groin ivory, along with his tusks which rise out of the sides of his head, giving Torca a majestic look. The colours again work well, and there's just enough ivory to make things interesting - too much would have looked bad against the richer gold and blue colours. The face is red with yellow eyes, with an excellent albeit unusual sculpt that looks slightly demonic.

   The overall look of this robot mode is very distinctive, thanks to the unusual head sculpt. The tusks rising, elephant claws on his feet and lower jaw chestplate all contribute to an other-worldly style here. It's a detailed robot mode, yet one of the most organic amongst Beast Wars. The style wont be everyone's thing, but at least the designer put effort into this robot mode.

   Poseability is pretty good, with ball jointed shoulders, wrists and hips along with double rotators in the elbows. The heelspurs, knees and ankles are all hinged and the neck wiggles a little which is great when you consider that the clamping tusk gimmick has to operate through that connection. The waist doesn't move, and I wouldn't expect it to when the groin clips together during transformation. The gun is more of a chunk of cetacean than a true firearm, it's only claim to being a handheld ranged weapon is that it can shoot water. In truth, Torca looks better without the gun.

   While the poseability is good, the detail excellent and the slightly demonic theme is consistently applied, this is his weaker mode, thanks to some minor kibble. The front feet of the beast mode sit on the back of his fists, the headplates it behind the robot head and - most importantly - the handgun is a chunk of kibble. Still, assuming you can appreciate what the designer was shooting for, this is still a good robot mode.


   None as such although he was repainted as Elephaorpha in Beast Wars Neo.


   Both the beast mode and the robot mode are ambitious in concept, and yet both largely achieve those ambitions. The beast mode is well executed, it's one of the better Fuzors in my opinion. The robot is a little weird but has some great detail. The robot mode is the weaker of his modes since it's held back by kibble. There's good articulation which is countered by a poor weapon, but on the whole I'd recommend Torca if you like the idea of the Fuzors - 7/10

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