Tomahawk Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Tomahawk
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Apache Helicopter

Height: 6.5cm Length: 16cm Width: 9.5cm (14cm rotorspan)

   A black apache-style chopper with grey underwing weapons, light brown missiles in his launchers and a transparent yellow cockpit. Tomahawk has a red patch just in front of his cockpit, some gold lines and silver painted on the nose stabilisers and tail rotor. The colours are understated & functional, and while the long missiles aren't realistic on this type of aircraft, the colours are good enough to overcome this. There are silver Autobot logos stamped on the end of either wing, rounding things out.

   This is a pretty good chopper even if Tomahawk does have some kibble. The robot feet stick out behind the wings, and those long missiles which hang out the back of the wings are - as mentioned - a distraction from the realism. He has some nice features such as the wings ending in mini gating guns which are painted a gunmetal colour, grey bombs under wing and a stepped cockpit.

   There's more play value here than you'd expect of a movie deluxe. The four-blade rotor spins, although not that well. The three wheels underneath can all fold away (although none are actual wheels) while the missiles fire well if you press grey tabs under the launchers. The launchers themselves can detach from under his wings can can clip onto small bars on either side of the tail. The clips themselves are on ball joints so Tomahawk can aim these missiles in most directions - well aside from those where they get in the way of the rotors. Of course you can set aside the missile launchers for a slightly more realistic look.

   A good chopper mode with better play value that you'd expect of a movie deluxe, good colours and some nice details. There is some kibble here, but overall this mode works very nicely.


   Fold up the rotors, fold away the rear wheels. Pull down the legs underneath, split the tail. Lift out the wings, swing the legs back to where the tail was. Fold down the cockpit, open the canopy to reveal his head, swing the front wheel into the cockpit, close the cockpit and swing into place as his chest. Pivot the air intakes, lift up the wings over his shoulders. Fold up the tail halves to reveal his hands. Fold down his boots, fold out the feet, flip out his heelspurs.

Height: 15.5cm Width: 10.5cm

   A black robot with grey thighs & hands, gold feet and shoulders and a transparent yellow canopy on his chest. Tomahawk has a rounded black head with a silver painted face & transparent yellow eyevisor. That splash of red on the nose is now on his groin and is jointed by two more on either forearm. The only Autobot logos here are those on the wings - which now face out to the sides, so they're not prominent here nor visible from front-on. There's a _blue_ lightpipe behind the yellow eyevisor, which works quite well. Again this is a well put together colour scheme. I do wish there was an allegiance symbol that's properly visible here.

   Tomahawk has a visually striking torso, since the cockpit is the torso and the nose is his groin. The legs actually attach to the top of his fuselage, behind the nose, but the shape of this back piece perfectly matches the front, so it works well. The wings sitting above is shoulders work very well and the rotors hanging off his back look good. They're basically two L-shaped pieces hanging down together, which is an interesting way for a helicopter Transformer to stow his blades. The feet are a little awkward, since they're wider than the other aspects of this robot mode, but overall I'm impressed by how visually striking Tomahawk is, and how well placed the chopper elements are here.

   There are two play features there. The first is the missile launchers which can stay plugged into the wings above his shoulders or clipped onto the rods now on either forearm. The right forearm also sports the tailfins, which can fold together as a sort of claw - a nice melee weapon & and clever way to conceal the chopper's tail in this mode. Tomahawk has excellent poseability. His head sits on a ball joint _and_ a hinge. His shoulders and knees are ball jointed while the elbows are hinged with rotators at the elbows. The knees are hinged hiding in his hips to support the knee joints. The feet and heelspurs are on hinges. His fixed waist is the only real limitation here. The overall poseability is great, with a wide range of action poses available. His hands are open, but have been designed so he can hold the missile launchers in hand.

   A great robot mode with great posebaility, good colours, a great lightpipe & some play value. The visual layout of the chopper aspects really makes this robot mode sing to me, and the weapons work well, with quite a few options. The style isn't so much movie here, thanks to the rounded head, but he carries the attention to detail typical of movie toys.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While there are some flaws here, Tomahawk is a great deluxe. Both modes have more play value than you'd expect of a movie deluxe, the colours work and the robot mode's layout is great. The vehicle mode has some kibble but none of it kills the effect. Recommended if you like the movie style, and even if you dislike that aesthetic, since the head isn't movie-esque at all - 9/10

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