Transmetal Airazor Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Airazor
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Aerial Recon
Alternate Mode: Hawk

Height: 8cm Length: 18cm Width: 14.5cm

   A white, yellow, blue and lavender hawk, with some red and orange highlights. The base colour is more or less a milky white, while the body itself is a chromed lavender colour. Her legs and are blue and yellow while the front edges of the wings are also blue. Both the blue and yellow plastics have a sheen to them. The red and orange paints are used in tandem on her wingtips, tail and cheeks. Oh and her beak is chromed lavender. While none of these colours are bad individually, there's just too much happening here. Had the white and yellow been the one colour, I'd call this a good colour scheme, but as she is it's a little garish.

   Being a Transmetal, it's a pretty robotic beast mode. There are piston like features on her wings, turbines on her shoulders and the lines remind more of an airliner than those a bird. It's pretty decent sculpting, and a lot of painted detail, including scorching on the front of her turbines, orange slots on the sides of the turbines (which is simulating hot metal I suppose) and her name in a faint yellow on top of her back.

   There's not really all that much play value. Her legs move around a bit, since they're the robot arms, but her ankles are a tad loose and she can topple forward. Her legs are larger than they should be, but not by much, so I can forgive it. A weapon that folds out would have added a lot to the play value of this mode, which is at the lower end of the scale for a Beast Wars deluxe.

   It has some good features, the sculpting is great and the paint job is complex, but there are too may colours vying for your attention. In fact, she'd probably be better with a simple paint job.


   Fold the legs away. Unclip the front sections of the wings and fold them around underneath her to form pontoons. They have struts to add to the effect. They really do look like pontoons, but the fact remains they're pontoons on a bird. She sort of looks like a Cessna plane, but is too back heavy to really stay upright in this mode. As with a lot of the Transmetal moulds, this is really more of an add on than a true third mode, which is a good thing because whilst the pontoons work well, the mode on the whole doesn't.


   There's a lot of internal hinging I'm going to skip here since it's hard to visualise without the toy in front of you. Detach the robot chest from under the bird mode, swing the robot arms out to the sides, flip out the robot head and reattach the chest, this time at the back of the bird rather than the front. Open the bird up by pushing the wings down, fold them down 90 to reveal the robot legs. Lift out the robot legs, you have to splay them slightly to clear the tail, swing them over and push the bird head up into the robot chest. You'll have to unclip the robot chest and reclip it to get this right. Fold the bird tail onto her back, rotate the wings so they're pointing down and fold them back. Slide the wings up (over the turbines). Fold down her feet, position her limbs and you're done.

Height: 13cm Width: 12cm

   Most of the chrome now disappears, along with much of the milky white plastic, which is now limited to her waist. She's mainly yellow, in keeping with her original colour scheme, with blue upper arms, feet and claws attached underneath her wrists. There is brown paint washed on her chest and thighs, which have moulded fur (down, I guess), as well as a silver dome on her left chest (and an unpainted mound on the other side, just to give her a chest). Her face is painted red with white eyes, and looks very organic and birdlike. While the red face is a little incongruous, this is a pretty good colour scheme, which actually looks like that of the original Airazor. It's amazing what removing one or two colour elements can do for a toy.

   On her back, underneath her bird tail, Airazor has a Beast Wars rubsign, which isn't actually visible in either mode but can be revealed in this mode. Oddly, for the Armada repaint - an Autobot - this was replaced by a moulded Decepticon symbol!

   This robot mode really does look feminine, she's skinny and her feet are reminiscent of women's shoes - sensible shoes, I'm happy to report. And of course she has the busty chest that the Beast Wars designers seem fond of.

   She has a pretty big backpack with those wings hanging off her back, and it's heavy. On mine at least, the hip joints aren't as strong as they should be, meaning she has a tendency to fall backwards. Still, the wingtips are low enough that she can rest on them, meaning there are a lot of stable poses. The other major feature of this mode are the bird feet, which are on hinges on the back of her wrists. She has giant slashing weapons on her hands! They look great, and make her look pretty dangerous too. It's interesting to note she has holes in her hands despite not having any sort of detachable weapons. Perhaps they had originally planned something that never made it to the production of the toy. While the robot mode doesn't really need it, a ranged weapon would help her bird mode.

   This is a very poseable mode - the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees are all ball joints, as well as the hinges on wrists and hinged ankles. Coupled with the wingtips, these joints give you a lot of play value in this mode. Also you can fold the wings over on her chest to form a giant shield or armour plate, although I suspect this is more simply by accident than design.


   Released in the Fox Kids! repaint series, in fairly similar colours, and spawned a repaint with some minor mould changes in Armada.


   The bird mode is a cacophony of colours - which isn't such a good thing, and needs a weapon, but is otherwise sound. The vehicle mode is okay without being anything special, and shares colours with the bird mode. Her robot mode has great articulation and has pretty nice colours, but has a killer backpack. Airazor is one of the weaker Transmetals, but it's a pretty high standard line, so I'll still recommend her to Beast Wars fans - 6.5/10

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