Smallest Soundwave & Ravage Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Soundwave, Ravage
Series: World's Smallest Transformers
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Microcassette Recorder, Microcassette

Note: Despite being two separate Transformers, they are sold together and Ravage is essentially an accessory for Soundwave, hence me writing a review of both.

Height: 2.5cm Depth: 1cm Width: 3cm

   A blue and silver recorder that's instantly recognisable as Soundwave, although the door is a solid black rather than the transparent one of the original. He has shiny silver buttons, which aren't chromed but are close enough. There are no dials, switches or door buttons, but at this size they'd be impossible to operate so I can forgive this. There is a Decepticon logo on the door as well as an arrow indicating tape direction.

   Soundwave retains much of the play value of the original - the battery compartment on the back opens to reveal tiny blue cylindrical weapons, the door opens to reveal the cavity into which Ravage fits. For the size, this is nothing short of spectacular, and is more than I'd expect of a Smallest Transformer.

   For the record, the Ravage cassette is 12mm wide, 8mm tall and 1mm deep, with tiny (less than 1mm diameter) spool holes. Ravage is devoid of any tape details, but at this size it's hard to see how you'd be able to discern much anyway. Aside from being a black tape, it doesn't really look that much like the original, but it's a tape that can transform which is more than I expect at this scale.

   As good as I could really hope for, and then some. Probably the only flaw is the fact his face is visible on top. The detail is great, the resemblance striking and the accessories more than I expect.


   Pretty faithful to the original, with a few details omitted. Fold the sides down and rotate forward to form the legs. Fold down the feet. Swing the arms out to the sides from behind, lift up the head. Lastly, remove the weapons from the battery compartment and mount one in the hole on his right shoulder, place the other in either hand.

   Transforming Ravage is trivial. Swing out the head, swing down the front and back legs - he has one leg at the front and one at the back, giving him a profile only.

Height: 5cm Width: 3cm

   While the original Soundwave was actual scale for a Microcassette recorder, this robot mode is smaller than a microcassette! He's blue and silver with the black door on his chest featuring his Decepticon logo and cannon on his right shoulder. The feet are black plastic, like the door, as opposed to the die cast metal of the original.

   Something I love about this toy is that it not only retains most of the articulation of the original, it actually improves on it in some places. The head no longer turns, but he now has ball joints at the shoulders and elbows rather than the hinges and swivels the original had. His elbows bend, something not needed for his transformation. Soundwave has the best articulation of any of my Smallest Transformers.

   Ravage is 19mm long, 11mm tall and still a whopping 1mm thick. As mentioned, he has only one leg at the front and one at the back. He has no facial details or tail, nor any poseability. He's really just a small silhouette, but is easily the smallest Transformer ever - and is unlikely to be surpassed for a long time. Sadly, mine cannot stand up, he tips to one side or the other - usually his right, most likely because the joints means his centre of gravity is on that side.

   Soundwave is quite faithful to the original, in both details and proportions, and can again stow Ravage in this mode. Ravage isn't much more than a cassette accessory for Soundwave, but adds to the coolness of Soundwave himself. Given the strength of Soundwave's robot mode overall, I don't care that Ravage's jaguar mode is almost non existent.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Soundwave is phenomenal for his size, since both modes are detailed and surprisingly accurate reproductions of the original toy. His poseability is great, his accessories are better than they deserve to be - even if Ravage isn't much by himself. If you only get one Smallest Transformer, get Soundwave - 9/10

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