Smallest Bluestreak Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Bluestreak
Series: World's Smallest Transformers
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Nissan 280ZX Fairlady

Height: 2cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A small silver Nissan sports car, Bluestreak is essentially a repaint of Smallest Prowl, sans the strobe rack. His bumpers, windows and targa top roof panels are painted black, along with his tyres. Bluestreak has an Autobot symbol stamped onto his hood and open side windows as on the original, full sized, version. It's a decent paint job for the size, and while it's not as complex as that of Prowl, it's faithful to the original Bluestreak toy. They left the taillights unpainted on Bluestreak, which annoys me since Prowl's were painted red.

   There's not really much to this car mode, which is understandable at this scale. The wheels do not turn, although the doors open as part of the transformation. It's unmistakable as a Nissan, and there's a lot of mould detail considering the size of this toy.


   Pretty faithful to the original, although somewhat simplified. There's no longer a mechanism to lock the rotating waist, and the legs do not separate. The arms are solid pieces, with permanently bent elbows, so that they can interlock underneath the hood - it's pretty amazing they were able to pull this part off, in my opinion.

Height: 5cm Width: 4cm

   Coming up to the knee of the original, this is a tiny silver robot with red thighs, black forearms and a black groin. He has the red antennae and eyes of the original, as well as the Autobot symbol on his right shin that the original sports. So they forgot about the taillights but added this insignia - maybe there's a red paint budget at Takara.

   The end result is a very good copy of the larger version - the hood is his chest, and the rear of the car becomes his boots, although this section no longer separates. They did add in a moulded groove on the rear windscreen to simulate a gap between the shins. The unpainted taillights are now his toes - and look too bland, since I'm used to Bluestreak having red toes.

   Aside from the legs not separating, the only dimension that's even slightly off is the gap between the thighs - which is a tad narrower than it should be. It's a very good Bluestreak, but not as good as the Prowl is thanks to the toes. The front wheels sit on top of his shoulders rather than behind, but considering how complex the arms were on the original I'm willing to excuse this version for simplifying his 1cm arms.

   The poseability is limited to his shoulders swivelling, which allows him to point his fists to the sides, and the waist rotating. This is all for the transformation.

   Despite the slight loss of poseability, this is a great reproduction of a classic character at such a scale. He has all of Bluestreak toy's major features, like the door-wings, face, taillight toes and front bumper chest. He lacks the missile launchers, but at this size they'd be ridiculously easy to lose and close to impossible to engineer.


   Being a chase figure, Bluestreak is in a way a variant of Smallest Prowl, and it's really unlikely there are any variants of Bluestreak as such.


   This is a very good reproduction for such a small scale, that looks very much like Bluestreak in both modes. He does lose some functionality and robot mode poseability, but considering what they had to do to make the transformation work, I can live with the simplified joints. The unpainted taillights mean he's not as well done has Prowl, and considering the scarcity of this toy, I'd say just grab Prowl if either will do. I'd only recommend Bluestreak specifically if you're a fan of the character - I am and was willing to pay three times what Prowl cost me for this toy. If, of course, you get this toy by chance, I think you'll like it - 7/10

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