Smallest Optimus Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: World's Smallest Transformers
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Truck Cab

Note: There are two versions of this toy. Wave 1 saw the "toy accurate" version and wave 2 brought us the "anime" version. Mine is wave 2 so I'm using it as my primary source of info and the subject of the photos on this page. Comparisons with the wave 1 version are based on pictures.

Height: 2.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm

   A red flatnose cab with a blue hitch section, Optimus Prime has two wheels under the cab and four on the hitch section. The blue on mine is a royal blue while the wave 1 toy seems to be more of a navy. The windows are light blue for wave 2 and black on wave 1. The headlights, grille, bumper and smokestacks are all painted silver, with yellow details on the bumper of the anime version. Wave 1 has Autobot logos on both sides, however the anime version only sports a logo on the left side.

   There's a round pole on the hitch section, which allows you to attach the trailer that was another toy in wave 1 (if I ever get it, I'll write a separate review), and there are fuel tanks in front of the wheels, which are unpainted on both versions.

   The wheels roll, although not terribly well. I don't mind since some Smallest Transformers have wheels that don't roll at all. You can also attach his trailer if you have it, and the tiny roller can accompany him.

   It's a pretty decent little cab for the size. My only real gripe is the unpainted fuel tanks, I'm happy with everything else. There are various seams and stuff on him, but nothing that really hurts this mode. For what it's worth I prefer the anime version, simply because light blue windows look better than solid black (the G1 toy had clear windows).


   Pretty faithful to the original, with a few details omitted. Fold down the legs and flip up the feet. Swing the sides out to form the arms and flip up the head. The legs don't split and they fold down, but he has integrated fists, an improvement over the original design. Give him his handgun.

Height: 6cm Width: 3.5cm

   At just under 6cm tall, this is really the smallest transformable Optimus Prime of the eight hundred or so we've had. In case you missed the 1980s or come from planet other than Earth (or Cybertron), he's a red robot with blue legs, fists and a blue head, and the front of the cab forms his chest while the smokestacks now on his shoulders.

   The wave 1 toy has unpainted blue thighs, black windows, the darker blue already mentioned, yellow eyes and Autobot symbols on both shoulders. Aside from the unpainted thighs there are all toy features. My wave 2 toy has white thighs (more toy accurate than wave 1), light blue windows, a logo only on the left shoulder, a lighter blue and blue eyes. Again I prefer the anime version, primarily for the painted thighs, but also because the lighter blue differentiates from the royal blue better than black from navy blue.

   The poseability is fairly limited, but better than most Smallest Transformers due mainly to the transformation. The elbows are ball joints and the hips swing, and the feet can point down, although the latter isn't really that useful. You can slide his handgun over the fists loosely or over the wrists where it'll grasp quite well. Considering the original Optimus Prime couldn't hold the handgun anyway, a gun that fits over the wrist isn't so bad.

   The look of this toy is quite faithful to the original (anime version compared to cartoon, obviously), with three main exceptions. The first is the unpainted fuel tanks already mentioned (as well as the thighs on wave 1 toys), the second is the headlights that are on his chest - they sit in front of his hands in truck mode whereas on the original the headlights were the wrists. Lastly, in order for the self-contained hands to work the outsides of the fists are red instead of blue to work as the sides of the truck. None of these changes really bother me, although if I had to choose I'd say the first is the most disappointing since it could have been easily avoided.

   This is a great representation of Optimus Prime for the size, and has enough play value to keep me happy. The only real complaint I have is the unpainted thighs on the wave 1 version - and I have the wave 2 one anyway so I'm not really worried about it.


   Both wave 1 "toy accurate" and wave 2 "anime" versions as mentioned. Additionally, he was recoloured for the Smallest Ultra Magnus, a chase figure.


   Yes, it's another Optimus Prime, but a tiny G1 Optimus Prime toy is something new, and of course he was always going to be a part of this line. So I'm happy to say this _is_ a good toy. I'd definitely recommend the anime version first, but either way it's a good toy. If you can score a trailer as well it'll add to the overall toy, but cost twice as much, so I won't recommend that as such unless I get a trailer to review later on. While Prowl has more charm, this is still a cool toy - 7.5/10 for wave 2, 6.5/10 for wave 1

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