Terragator Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Terragator
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Predacon
Function: Swamp Warrior, Amphibious Assault
Alternate Mode: Turtle/Alligator Fusion

Height: 4cm Length: 15cm Width: 6cm

   A green alligator with a brown shell on top, basically. Terragator has white 'teeth' around the edges of the shell, and a line of teeth along the top. His eyes are white while the lower jaw and underside of the tail are beige. While it's not a fantastic colour scheme, the colours are quite realistic for the two animals that he consists of. The shell's brown paint is quite intricate, in fact.

   While the fusion itself is an interesting idea, the execution is somewhat lazy. The shell is the only turtle aspect, and it leans to the right which doesn't quite look right. The reason for this a badly mash robot mode underneath. The idea would have worked a lot better on a larger toy, where there's more room for clever stowing of robot mode aspects.

   Since Terragator is holding together quite precariously, there's next to no play value here. Sliding the shell forward is meant to cause his mouth to open, but instead will probably cause the shell to pop off. The upper jaw lifts, which isn't really how things work. He tends to lie flat on his belly, which is part of the robot torso, rather than stand on his feet. The feet will be more or less flush with the ground, but the rear legs are on ball joints and can lift up a little while he's on his tummy which looks a tad strange.

   While the sculpt and paint job are good, this beast mode is a victim of the design's lofty ambitions. It doesn't do much except stand there and look disjointed. The shell and tail both detach too easily and the shell on top of an alligator just feels forced on Terragator.


   Detach the shell and tail, set aside. Fold down the beast's front legs to form his robot legs, which will involve a lot of rotating of leg and waist joints. Unfold the arms and flip up the head. This is actually quite a fiddly transformation - it's tricky to describe but there's a _lot_ of twisting. The tail becomes a gun and the shell a shield.

Height: cm Width: cm

   A spindly blue and green robot with big, kibbly weapons. The feet, forearms and head are green, along with the upside down alligator head covering his right shoulder. The small torso and upper limbs are blue. The gun is a beige affair - it's the underside of the tail, with a blue fold out barrel and two gator legs hanging off awkwardly. The shield is simply the big brown shell stuck onto the left forearm. I can't say this is a very good colour scheme - the blue and green are quite similar and it's just not imaginative.

   Terragator's face wears a teeth-bearing scowl, red eyes and some beige streaks. The hands are double claw affairs, since they're actually teeth from the beast mode shell. In case you're wondering why his name isn't Terrorgator, the name is a mix of terrapin & alligator... which is kinda lame in my opinion.

   This is a very poseable robot mode, since there's so much contorting in the transformation. His ankles, knees, hips, elbows and left shoulder are ball jointed while the waist and neck rotate. There are twin rotators on the right shoulder and his wrists are hinged. Despite all of this, there aren't any great action poses, since the toy is incredibly slender since it's trying to fit underneath the shell in beast mode. It does not help that his gun blows chunks and the shield is proportionally huge.

   As you might guess, I don't think much of this robot mode. It's a victim of the designer trying to do to much at the basic pricepoint. The toy tries to hard to fit underneath the shell, making this a crappy, left over, robot mode. The only upside is good poseability.


   None that I'm aware of.


   While the idea isn't that bad, it's not terribly well applied and would really have suited a larger toy better. The beast mode has potential, but just doesn't fit together right. The robot mode is a bit of a disaster, I'm afraid, since it's so concerned with folding up into an asymmetrical ball to fit under his shell that it forgets to be a robot mode. The detachable parts form awful robot mode accessories and losing either will make his beast mode - the better mode - a write off. Not a toy I can recommend - 2.5/10

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