Terradive Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Terradive
Series: "European" Generation 1/Generation 2
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Advance Fighter
Alt Mode: A-7 Corsair II Jet

Height: 4.5cm Length: 11cm Width: 8cm

   A black Corsair II with a while arrow-like pattern on top and transparent yellow canopy on his cockpit, Terradive is pretty faithful to the Corsair II design, save for a tailfin that's not as tall as it should be. The wings are level with the top of the fuselage, so the white arrow-like design fits well, and there are small yellow eagle stickers on his tail which are fitting with the arrow theme. He carries large green armaments under the wings, which resemble bombs but are the robot boots so I'm not sure he'll be dropping them on anyone. There are various stickers here and there, including stickers on the wings featuring G2 Decepticon logos. His G2 stamp is on the outside of the right bomb, and it blends into the green. This is a pretty good colour scheme, and it's probably the most combat realistic of the Skyscorchers.

   The jet mode has lots of seams and there's a retractable wheel under the single air intake, which is itself underneath the fuselage. The rear wheels are moulded onto the bottom of the side armaments, which is a little weird and is the main shortcoming of this mode. There's a single engine at the back of the plane and his silver handgun is visible underneath the tail. The bio calls it a radar array and I can live with that.

   There's zero play value, which is no different to pretty much every other Transformer of the time. The front wheel can retract but it'll only cause Terradive to fall forward. Still, this is a pretty sweet looking jet so I'm not that fussed that it can only sit there, because it does a good job of that. The best jet mode amongst the Skyscorchers, if not the most spectacular.


   Remove his silver gun from underneath, fold up the front wheel. Swing up the wings, rotate the armaments around to become his boots, flip out his feet. Spilt the underside of the jet and fold it out to the sides to become his arms, lift up his forearms. Fold down the nose and canopy to become his chest, which will also reveal his head. Give Terradive his gun.

Height: 10cm Width: 6.5cm.

   Terradive is mainly black again, with the white limited to a triangle on his collar and the yellow canopy now forming his waist. The boots are the green armaments while his feet are black. There are no Decepticon symbols in this mode, the main focus is the gold head with a clover-leafed yellow face that doubles as a really effective lightpipe.

   Ugh. The price Terradive pays for his cool jet mode. The arms have big tall pylons on top, but we're not talking decorative use of kibble like on Ultra Magnus, since the front of the arms from fist to pylon top is hollow. These pylons are pure kibble, since there's no absolutely effort made to dress them up. The arms sit at some distance from the body, and the pylons only serve to accentuate this since they're so tall. The body itself is actually somewhat narrow, which is OK in itself, but the tail of the jet sits behind his legs like a... tail... which hides the gap between his legs. This tail also acts as something of a third leg, but without the added stability they often provide. In fact it's counter-productive since there are no heelspurs and he rests on the rounded engine.

   The elbows can lift from down by his side up to 90, although they look best at a midpoint. That's it for his poseability. You'll spend more time standing him up than posing him, thanks to that single rounded heelspur.

   The lightpipe is Terradive's best feature here, but it's no better than those of his three teammates - who all got better robot modes than this. The colours are good, granted, but for an unposeable toy he sure is unstable.


   Terradive was released in G1's last gap in early 1993, outside the US. Later in the same year he was released in the US under the G2 moniker, although unlike his teammates he retained his name. There's no actual differences between the two that I'm aware of. Australia actually saw him packed both as G1 and G2 - I have the G2 card.


   A great jet mode for the size and time, with good colours and some nice attention to details. Unfortunately his robot mode undoes all the good work - it's a bit of a dud I'm afraid - unstable with bad proportions. If you like jet model, then he's probably worth it, otherwise I'm pretty neutral on this toy - 3.5/10

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