Tentakil Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Tentakil
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Underwater Demolitions
Alternate Mode: Squid Monster

Height: 10cm Depth: 4.5cm Width: 10cm

   I say squid monster because Tentakil has a vertebrate's face - complete with lips & sharp teeth - and his eyes are clearly not those of a cephalopod. But he still looks like a squid. Anyway, he's got two tentacles underneath him, effectively forming legs (complete with feet), which are blue, three tentacles on either side (each side being a single piece), which are pink, and two mouthparts hanging out the back to help him stand, more or less looking like tails - these are magenta. The top of his head is pink, the middle section (the rather batlike face) is black, the bottom of his body is blue. His back is pretty much robot kibble - with an upside down magenta chest, green thighs and blue arms visible.

   As I said, the face looks rather batlike - thanks to the mask-like black paint on it. It is in fact a predatory fish's mouth & eyes (angler fish or something similar). At any rate, he looks nice & evil, which is the important bit I guess - since it's not a squid face anyway.

   There's really no play value here at all. The joints present are all part of his transformation, none give any meaningful articulation. You can attach his guns to either side of his head - so while he's a statue, at least he's armed. The other cool thing is the sculpting of suction caps on all eight tentacles, and the inside surfaces of the mouthparts.

   While Tentakil pretty much stands there being a squid, I will give him point for his animal mode - it wasn't until well into Beast Wars that Claw Jaw copied Tentakil's choice of alt mode. The general look of this mode is good, too - the face is menacing and I like the suction caps. It's not a bad mode, it's just not a great one.

   Essentially this is Tentakil's robot mode, face down, stuck to a stand. There's too much kibble on it, though, and while it's a weapon, it's one covered in cephalopod bits.


   Fold the mouthparts up onto his back. Fold the pink tentacles up, pull the top of the head up and flip it over to form his feet. Extend the thighs, turn him over. Done.

Height: 9cm Width: 6cm

   A pink & magenta robot, Tentakil actually manages to pull his colour scheme off, despite being a cacophony of colour. His torso & head are magenta, his face is yellow, arms and central body stripe (the combining peg) blue, and his thighs green - yet it works. This is mainly due to the sea green of his thighs and the blue being very similar colours (which causes my colour blindness lots of trouble, since I have trouble discerning blue & green). Also the magenta works with the blue.

   Unlike many of his teammates, Tentakil has pretty robot mode proportions, so what his animal mode lacks the robot mode makes up for. The facial mould is pretty detailed - he's got tiny lips, eyes and a nose - it's a shame that the yellow paint doesn't make this obvious, but it's a thin enough coat that the sculpt is still clearly visible.

   Tentakil has a backpack, his tentacles and mouthparts. It's quite bulky, but they've given him nice bit heelspurs, making him very stable. Probably the biggest shortcoming of this mode is the poseability - his shoulders move and that's it. Granted, this is standard for square peg combiner limbs, but he looks like he should be more poseable.

   A good robot mode, Tentakil's probably got the best robot mode of all the small Seacons. nothing really drags it down, the colours and proportions work.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Probably the best of the small Seacons, Tentakil has no major flaws him dragging down as most of his teammates do. Both modes look cool, the colours work and he scores point for an unusual alt mode. His only real flaw is a lack of play value, but since you'll probably get him for Piranacon anyway, the play value lies in the Gestalt (or the gun mode, but it's so-so). A toy worth getting, since he's one of the better members of a good set - 7.5/10

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