Take-Off Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Take-Off
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Aerial Reconnaissance
Alt Mode: None (was a rocket car of some sort)

Height: 9.5cm Width: 4cm

   A grey robot with musk pink head and feet, Take-Off has black fists and a black waist, blue thighs and some grass green here and there. The face is blue with green eyes, there are twin turbines on his black waist, which contain green fans, the shoulders and ankles features moulded black tyres. As horrible as pink tends to look on Transformers, this is one of the more tasteful uses I've seen. The face is a little bright for the pink helmet, but the pink used is nice and sedate and doesn't clash with the dominant grey and black. There is a Decepticon logo sticker on his chest, which is pretty standard for an Actionmaster.

   The tyres make if very obvious that Take-Off is meant to have had a car mode once. What sort of car isn't as obvious - there's a remnant engine block on his back and green piping on his forearms, as well as some unpainted pop-up light covers on his textures chest (which are easy to miss). The turbines on his waist, piping and somewhat fancy engine block make me suspect he was a dragster or rocket car - one of those things bored middle aged millionaires build and take to the Mojave Desert or Lake Eyre to try break a land speed record because they have nothing left to accomplish.

   Poseability is standard for an Actionmaster - the head and shoulders turn, hips are ball jointed and his knees bend.

   Overall I like this concept, the mix of alt mode parts is quite interesting and the colours mostly work, although I could have done without the green. Compared to the neons on some Actionmasters (and then there's Thundercracker...) Take-Off got off fairly light. His blue handgun, which mimics an engine block, is a nice addition.


   Screech is a small blue & green bird thing, a blue block with a crest, green wings and legs, with a black tail that acts as the transformation trigger. As with all the second-series Actionmaster partners, he turns into a backpack for Take-Off, with a blue hood. The bird mode itself is slightly more interesting that some of the backpack partners, but the hood has these big green wings, like Take-Off's head is trying to fly or something. Not a good look. The greens and blues don't quite match up with Take-Off, but they're pretty close.

   Unimpressive without quite managing to be awful, the bird mode isn't interesting enough to save Screech from his goofy backpack mode.


   None that I know of. But any would be worth a packet for a toy never sold in North America or Japan.


   The colours work better than they're entitled to - especially the pink. The alt mode suggestions are nice and the gun is cool. Not as cool as some of the 1991 Actionmasters, but easily better than most of the repainted figures in that series. As with all 1991 Actionmasters, Take-Off can be a little pricey, but if you like Actionmasters he's a solid figure, although Screech is a waste of time - 6.5

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