Supreme Starscream Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Starscream
Series: Cybertron
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Cybertronian Jet

Thanks to Tiby for loaning me Starscream for this review

Height: 20cm Length: 39cm Width: 37cm

   An impracticably large grey jet with extensive metallic red painted details, a transparent purple canopy and a black nose. Starscream is roughly a tetrahedron, although he's flatter with quite a few prominences. The colour scheme is clearly derived from Armada Starscream, even if the style of plane is quite different. There are purple Decepticon logos on either wing, the purple is painted while the relief is unpainted grey plastic.

   Despite the massive size of this toy, this jet feels scaled up. Granted the sculpt is fairly good, but the detail is mostly just generic seams and the like - there's not enough actual detail here - no hoses or anything along those lines. The robot head is clearly visible behind the cockpit, and while a Transformer can get away with this at Legends size, at Supreme size it's a ridiculous feature. The wings are small, almost vestigial, affairs - they're the tips of the tetrahedron. The tail is another tip, and it rises behind the head.

   For such a large and expensive toy, there's not a lot of play value here. There are three small wheels underneath allowing him to roll and a button to the portside of the robot head which activates a laser fire sound. This sound is accompanied by flashing LEDs, which are nestled behind transparent purple plastic. The electronics will continue as long as the button is depressed. There are black cannons on either side of the cockpit, with silver barrels. They can swing up down. The crown can be placed over his head - it looks a little forced but at least it hides the far-too-visible head.

   There are four slots for Starscream's two Planet Keys - two non-functional slots at the base of the tail which are just for storage, and lives ones at the back of his wings. Plugging Starscream's Planet Keus into these slots released two transparent purple weapons which flip out from underneath the wings. The starboard weapon is a crudely shaped blade while the portside weapon is a cannon which is a working missile launcher, containing a single transparent missile. There's not enough clearance for these weapons to deploy while Starscream is on the table - you have to lift him up. This wouldn't be a problem in most cases, but on this grotesquely oversized toy it's not terribly convenient. One Planet Key is blue with gold painted details while the second is colourless with silver details. Both share the same code: s5a3.

   This is a scaling up of a Voyager toy, and feels like it. He's big yet relatively simple, with a detailed but underwhelming sculpt and a dearth of play value for such a large jet. The jet itself isn't _bad_, but there's just not enough here at this scale. The key gimmicks are decent but aren't enough for such a large toy. The colour scheme is good, although it's more Armada Starscream than G1, which won't please a lot of fans.


   Unclip the nose halves, swing out the air intakes to form his legs, rotating the boots into position. Fold the front of the plane (complete with the prodruding legs) down to form his chest, which will reveal the head. Lift up the feet, swing out the heelspurs and fold the nosetip halves way into the same position under the feet. Rotate the wings down to form the upper arms, swing out the forearms from underneath the wings. Unclip the two halves of the compound tail and swing down behind his back. Fold the tip of the jet nose back. This last step is the only change in transformation compared to the Voyager, incidentally.

Height: 39cm Width: 35cm

   A grey robot with black feet, thighs, forearms and a black head with a white face and red eyes. There's extensive red here, on the torso, shoulders and the wings which sit on the outside of his arms. Starscream has red shoulder pylons with transparent purple inside them. The colour layout is good, and against reminds of Armada Starscream. The Decepticon logos on his wings are again visible.

   Again the sculpted detail is respectable if not fantastic - although the head detailing is great, with a good facial sculpt and it's well painted to boot. In this mode it's very obvious how simple Starscream is for his size - the boots are more massive than many deluxes, despite being a single pieces (structurally - there are a few pieces of plastic there). Okay, most larger toys are fairly simple, but there aren't really any clever gimmicks or hidden compartments here - just the key gimmicks and some electronics at the level expected of a Voyager.

   The key gimmicks are the same as in jet mode - except this time there's nothing getting in the way at least. The blade is under the right arm and the cannon under the left. The button on his left shoulder pylon again activates the same electronics. If you lift his left arm up above 90 Starscream emits a different firing sound - again the LEDs inside the pylons flash. Moving the right arm above 90 will generate a sword-clashing sound (and LED flashing). This clanging sound is far more useful than a second firing sound, I have to say. The gold crown, which is composed of a soft plastic, fits his head quite snugly. It's clearly based on the coronation crown seen in Transformers: The Movie, and looks pretty good, although I wouldn't say it adds any real play value.

   The poseability here is okay, if not spectacular. His head turns and his shoulders swing and can lift out to the sides maybe 20. His elbows are hinged while his fists are fixed. There are holes in the fists, and the cannon detaches - but there's no handle on the cannon. The hips swing and lift out to the sides while his knees bend and rotate, while his ankles are hinged. Most of the joints are fairly sturdy ratchets, so while Starscream's poseability isn't fantastic, he wont fall over in a heap like that other, notorious, scaled up toy, Supreme Cheetor.

   A very simple robot mode for the size, and while the poseability is decent enough, there's just not enough play value here for a simple toy of this size. Aside from the electronics, the play value the same as that of the Voyager - and that toy comes with a handheld weapon. The colour scheme is nice and the head is very well done, but this robot mode just doesn't need to be this big.


   None that I'm aware of.


   A needlessly large toy, Starscream is frighteningly similar to his Legends equivalent, and very similar to the Voyager version - colours aside. While the idea worked well enough at the smaller scale, there isn't much more added in here - some fairly formulaic electronics replace the handheld weapon - to really justify the larger scale. Granted the colours are more show accurate, but the Legends toy offers that at a fraction of the cost. The jet mode looks okay and the robot poseability is nice, but Starscream is impracticably large - in a Fortress Maximus kind of way - without the stuff that makes Fort Max worthwhile (jail cell, double Headmaster, working lift, multitude of hidden weapons). For the price, I really can't recommend this toy - 4/10

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