Kicker Toy Review Toy Review

Individual Review

Thanks to Goktimus Prime for loaning me Kicker for this review.

Name: Kicker
Allegiance: Cybertron
Accessories: Belt, Vest, Sword


   Mainly black with white hands, shoulders and feet along with extensive white paint on his legs. Kicker has a white helmet with a black eyevisor and there are blue and red hints here and there. Unlike most standard Microman figures, Kicker does not have a chromed head, but then he is a Transformers figure rather than part of the Microman line. His face is very simple since it's the front of a helmet, which makes him simple for both Microman and Transformers. The primary colours and lack of chrome are far more typical of the Transformers line, although he lacks the transparent plastic that was characteristic of the Superlink (Energon) series, and has a far more muted set of colours than most of the Superlink line.


   Kicker comes with a giant silver chromed Energon Sabre, which is as tall as he is (9cm) and detachable vest and belt. The torso itself is boring and black - there's no real reason to remove the body armour at all. The chestplate sports a Cybertron (Autobot) symbol on the left side.

   Unlike true Microman figures, Kicker does not come with a stand or interchangeable hands. His hands are both able to hold the handle of his sword, and they need to - it's far too heavy for one wrist to support. The sword has been deliberately designed so that both Kicker and Superlink Transformers can hold it - the upper section of the handle is the thicker standard weapon size.


   Kicker has the standard 30 point articulation of the New Microman toys - ball jointed neck and turning head, twin waist joints, twin ball jointed shoulders, shoulder rotators, double elbows hinges, rotating wrists and palm hinges, ball and rotator hips, double hinged knees, hinge and ball ankles.

   This makes Kicker far more poseable than every Transformer before him, although his effective poseability is limited by the lack of a stand. He can happily use a Microman stand if you have one, though. The sword is heavy and cumbersome, limited poseability even further.


   Being a crossover figure, this toy doesn't quite belong in the Transformers line - Kicker's not even pretending he can transform. He wouldn't be out of place in the Micro Action line, which is loaded with Microman crossovers (Batman & Predator and similar lines). The allegiance symbol is the only feature that plants Kicker firmly in the Transformers line.

   Despite the limited posing, the sword is impressive enough in itself that Kicker looks nice simply holding it. It's not difficult to stand him up, you just need a stand for any action poses. Interchangeable hands and a second, human, head would have really helped Kicker, and I don't understand why he didn't get a stand.


   As a Microman figure Kicker is a little disappointing, mainly because he misses out on stuff that others get as standard. Still, Kicker is an attractive figure with a sword that's better than the actual Energon Sabre. He's certainly better than the hacked Hasbro toy of the same name, and brings the Transformers line full circle to it's Microman origins. There is an Anniversary two pack (Microman 30th & Transformers 20th) version that comes with Grand Convoy, which has a chromed head, chromed chest plate, very slightly transparent black plastic, a champagne gold Energon Sabre and second, smaller gold sword. As a single crossover, Kicker is a nice figure, although I feel the lack of standard Microman extras limits the toy - 6/10

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