Super Ginrai Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Super Ginrai
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Supreme Commander
Alternate Mode: Semi Trailer

   (Please note that this review relies heavily on my review of Powermaster Optimus Prime, to offer a better comparison of the two toys.)

Height: 14cm Length: 32cm Width: 13cm

   A red & cab, with a blue base, dragging a primarily sparkly grey trailer (a darker grey than PM Prime's), Super Ginrai has two _big_ black guns on the top of his trailer, and two grey twin-barrelled guns on the sides of the front of the trailer. The front of the trailer has red bits, as well as some blue panelling on the sides at the front. The top of the back of the trailer is also blue, as is the rear door (although with dark grey stickers resembling doors).

   The front of the cab has chromed silver headlights & a chrome bumper, and silver stickers along the sides like Convoy (A.K.A. Optimus Prime - note that this toy is _not_ meant to be Optimus Prime - or Convoy - the character, unlike it's anglophone counterpart). The front of the cab is red painted metal (unlike PMOP who is plastic), and has dark blue transparent windows. The smokestacks are chromed silver, and are slightly smaller than PMOP's for some reason. The only plastic red on the front is the panel to which Jinrai attaches in engine mode, and on this same panel is a silver grill with chrome highlights (this panel is all grey on PMOP, BTW).

   The cab has four wheels, the trailer also has four, all at the back. The toy rolls but not very far since it's fairly heavy. The attachment between the two segments is sturdy, you can lift the trailer up and the cab (which provides the socket into which the trailer's post fits) comes with it. Some force is required to put the truck into a "turning" position. The side guns swivel nicely, and can point up or backwards with no problem, although the guns on top are obstructed by the side guns.

   Adding Jinrai hides the engine grill on the front, and gives the cab something of a more powerful look. Of course it also unlocks the transformation. The other feature which adds to the truck is the fact that the rear door can open (it has two halves, both fold down to reveal a cavity about two inches deep, into which you can put the loose head of the large robot).

   Overall, this is a nice truck mode. The trailer's colours are a little broken up, the cab's colours are excellent though. The guns, size and metal/clear windows combination (very Diaclone-esque) make this a great truck mode.

   Jinrai himself has a white torso, red arms & thighs and black lower legs. He's got a grey backpack with silver chrome engine block (which is grey on Hi-Q) and blue eyes. He's one of the better looking Nebulons, colourwise.


   Unhitch the cab from the trailer, and insert Hi-Q into the front to allow him to transform (if Hi-Q is missing, push in the white button). Fold down the blue base to form the legs and fold the feet so the robot can stand. Fold the sides of the cab forward to become the shoulders. You'll notice on the sides of the cab there are small red posts, which don't actually attach to anything when they swing out. Turn the cab around to reveal the fake front which will become the chest. Fold down the groinplate and the formarms and swing out the head.

Height: 19cm Width: 9cm

   In this robot mode, you can see that the designer really tried to base this toy on the cartoon image of Optimus Prime. The groin is white, as on the show, and the chest is convex, also as on the show. This toy even has the blue eyes of the cartoon Optimus Prime (not even PMOP has blue eyes, his are red). The smokestacks are on the insides of the shoulders, not the outsides, by virtue of the transformation. This robot's only poseability is his elbows. Another different in this mode from PMOP is that he has silver thighs, whereas Prime has blue thighs, although both have silver stickers on the front anyway. It's a nice robot mode, even if it is a side issue in this toy - but this only enhances the coolness of the toy anyway.


   Firstly, remove the guns from the trailer - and the cab! Swing the middle panels on the trailer back, then separate the halves of the rear and swing them out 90 degrees. Place the base down so that the front of the trailer is up, and then fold down the roof of the trailer to reveal the tower. Fold out the grey side panels and then fold out the ramps from those panels. Swing the blue connecting post up to form a cannon, and the robot arms out and up. Add the grey guns to the blue panels on the sides, and the black guns to the sides of the arms. Lastly, the small robot can stand in the tower, and Jinrai can straddle one of the grey guns (either), to pilot it.

Height: 17cm Width: 39cm

   Essentially an add-on mode for the trailer when the cab is the small robot, it's a nice base mode. Primarily grey, with five guns and a lot of stickers which are visible only in this mode. The tower has a nice big Autobot symbol on it, and the ramps and platforms all have large stickers on them. Overall a great battle station mode. Aside from the darker, speckly grey, this is probably the mode that differs least from the Anglophone version. The only other noticeable difference being the fact that the robot fists are retracted.


   Firstly remove the cab from the trailer. Nice, swing the middle panels on the trailer back, and stand the trailer up. Swing the arms down and position them to the sides & slide out his fists. Swing the connecting post back right over so it's against his back. Fold the legs of the small robot up against the back of the cabin and slide it into the cavity in the large body. Attach the head atop the cab. Place the black guns into his hands and attach the grey guns on his shoulders.

Height: 24cm Width: 18cm

   In this mode, Super Ginrai is a massive robot, very solid and looking very powerful with the four large guns. His chest & arms, his head, hands & shins are blue, thighs and the sides of his lower legs are grey. His groin is white.

   The chest is different from the original Convoy (on which Super Ginrai's body is meant to be based), with the cab encased inside the trailer, giving it another, smaller, set of windows set back and behind the chest itself. The smokestacks are stick out from the shoulder blades, on either side of the head & the groin is white. There's little red posts on his shoulder that are round - these posts are flat on the inside on his anglophone counterpart.

   Essentially a statue, Super Ginrai can swing his arms and do the splits, but is otherwise immobile. Still, it's not action poses that make this toy - it's the _look_ of the thing. With a metal chest, retractable fists and a darker grey, this toy is in many ways a revised, improved version of Powermaster Prime.


   Issued in 1988 originally and again in 2001. This toy is based on Powermaster Optimus Prime, with numerous changes.


   A great toy, based on Powermaster Prime with quite a few improvements. Super Ginrai has great play value despite it's lack of poseability simply through the fact it has four modes, and looks good. Of course he combines with Godbomber to form God Ginrai, which represents a major reason for getting a toy that's very similar to another big & (most likely) expensive toy. Price aside, I give this guy 9/10 - he only really loses that last point because of the "floating" head and lack of poseability of the small robot

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