Bot Shot Sentinel Prime (Super Bot) Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sentinel Prime
Series: Bot Shots
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Fire Truck

Height: 3cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 4cm

   A small superdeformed transparent red fire truck with black tyres, Sentinel Prime has one of the simplest colour schemes I've seen in a while. It doesn't looks especially good, instead it's trying to emphasise his rarity (one per case, which isn't all that rare, really). As with all Bot Shots, there's no allegiance symbol here - it would have been a nice addition.

   There are quite a lot of sculpted details here, many of which end up somewhat lost in the transparent plastic. The front windows are still obvious along with the spoiler on the back - although I'm not really sure why a fire truck _has_ a spoiler. Incidentally, the front and rear wheels are composed of black plastic while the middle set are "false" wheels in transparent red. I actually prefer these unpainted in this case as art a glance you don't notice them at all.

   Sentinel Prime is all about red here. The detailing is hidden by the transparent red which totally dominates this mode. The spoiler is about the only thing that stands out on a toy that looks like it's infected with hate spores.


   In theory you have to crash him headlong into another Bot Shot. You can always just press on the front bumper. Either way, through internal gears and springs he'll stand up on his feet (between the rear wheels), the front will flip back to reveal his head and the rear wheels pop out to form arms.

Height: 5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A transparent red robot with silver paint on his face, Sentinel Prime has blue eyes and silver screwheads visible on his chest. There's also the spinning panel on his chest which will be either red, blue or green depending on position. The transparent red is still the main feature but the painted head and colours on his chest provide greater depth here.

   As with all Bot Shots, this is a very short, chibi robot. The feet are big while the legs are vestigial, the torso short and the head huge. His arms splay out to the sides and there's a backpack in the form of the front of the truck. Aside from the spinning panel, there's no play value here. His facial features are very un-movie like - they're more in line with G1 - especially the blue eyes. It's not very obvious in all red but there's fake windows on his chest.

   The scores on his chest are Sword 190 (red); Blaster 630 (blue) & Fist 980 (green). These differ from the regular Sentinel Prime (and are higher overall).

   Well it's a somewhat weird colour scheme now, but then for a "rare" toy he stands out appropriately (even if he's not really rare).


   There's a non-transparent version, which was only sold in a three pack (and so was probably produced in similar numbers).


   Bot Shots are incredibly simple, cutesy Transformers. You're either going to appreciate them or hate the concept. Having said that, from the few I've sampled he's probably the weakest. All the "Super Bots" are transparent so far, and it's not that interesting. I am happy to have one - but I'm also aware that it's an ugly look. The spoiler on the truck mode bothers me & while he gets away with it, Sentinel Prime loses points for the false wheels - 5/10

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