Sunspot Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sunspot
Series: Movie Tie-ins
Allegiance: Decepticon
Alternate Mode: Stealth Bomber

Height: 4cm Length: 10cm Width: 15.5cm

   A cadmium yellow and off white "flying wing" plane, Sunspot's colours are anything but stealthy. He's a repaint of Skystalker, and couldn't provide a greater contrast. The actual plane blends elements of modern drone planes & stealth bombers although as far as I can determine this is a quasi-realistic vehicles rather than a specific model. There's a silver camera in place of his cockpit with a small black lens, suggesting that he is simulating a drone. There white air intakes on either side of the fuselage and black badges on either side of the fuselage which incorporate Decepticon logos. The colour scheme is striking and works in it's own way - but it's not very realistic.

   As mentioned, this is a flying wing vehicle - Sunspot lacks a tail while his wings are huge triangles that dominate the mass of this plane. There are very well defined air intakes on top, at the front of what look like stealth engines. There are a lot of sculpted details including zig-zag seams (another stealth feature actually), rivets and even fuel hatches on the wingtips.

   Perhaps surprisingly for a movie scout there is play value here. The stealth engines can fold down to form legs, giving him a gerwalk mode. The feet spring shut when you lift him off the table, similar to The Fallen. There's a double wheel under the front, which can roll, while at the rear he rests on posts only. The front wheels _are_ able to fold away, but he'll lie nose down, so it's only really meant for the robot mode.

   A good jet mode despite a wildly unrealistic colour scheme. Sunspot's colours work well aesthetically, even if this is one repaint which is clearly working hard to be different. The stealth look is very well executed, there's no real kibble and the design is something relatively fresh within the endless stream of military plane Transformers. The gerwalk feature isn't in itself that impressive, but it's more play value than would be expected at this level, so it's a good bonus.


   Detach the hook-swords stowed under the rear of the wings, set aside. Pivot the stealth engines back to form feet, clip them into place and stand him up. Fold away the landing gear, fold down the nose to form the chest, flip out his head. Unclip the front of the wings, split and pivot up the rear of the fuselage to form the arms (the wings hang off the upper arms), rotate the arms and wings into place, place the hook-swords in either hand and you're done.

Height: 11cm Width: 14cm

   A yellow, white and grey robot with hints of brown on his connecting pieces, Sunspot's colours are an interesting mix of the light colours of his jet mode and two much duller colours. His head is is the camera with the lens now forming a solitary eye. The Decepticon logos are on the outsides of his arms and aren't really visible. It's a striking colour scheme and the brighter colours come into their own here.

   Sunspot's a rather bulky little robot for a scout, partly because of those big wings hanging off his shoulders and partly because his knee hinges attach the boots on the outside of the thighs. Adding to the latter the boots are simply bulky anyway. The weapons are impressive looking hooks, which would no doubt cause tremendous damage in close combat but require a lot of skill to use well. While he has a single eye, it's not the drone-like camera eye of some toys supporting the first film - Sunspot avoids the drone look thankfully.

   The play value here is pretty good, with ball joints in his neck, shoulders, elbows and hips along with the attachment points for the wings. The knees are hinged as are the feet and heelspurs - both of the latter two are spring loaded. The waist is fixed and there are rotators below the hips supporting his knee joints. The hook-swords have distinct and removable clasps which look like they're designed to allow the swords to attach somewhere else (perhaps to Mindwipe, since Sunspot's jet mode is designed to plug onto the jet mode of that larger toy), but I'm not sure what they're actually for. The spring loaded feet do limit the poses available but there's still a wide range of poses available.

   A good robot mode despite the potential pitfall of the clamp-feet. While I don't see why Hasbro continued this idea after the disaster of The Fallen, they're a lot less of a liability here - he's easy enough to stand once the feet are clipped into place. The odd knee configuration is a little weird, but less so than some of the unusual robot shapes in ROTF. The weapons look good and the gappy wings form a nice cape. The colour scheme sets him well apart from Skystalker, and works well.


   None that I'm aware of. As mentioned, he is a repaint of Skystalker.


   A very creative repaint of a good scout - but Sunspot's colours are a wacky choice for a stealth bomber. He has a nice jet mode and solid play value including a gerwalk option. The robot mode's feet are a slight negative and rear wheels in jet mode would have been nice to see. If you can get your head around the colours, this is a good repaint and it's a solid mould - 7.5/10

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