Streetwise Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Streetwise
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Interceptor
Alternate Mode: Nissan 300Z Police Cruiser

Height: 3cm Length: 8cm Width: 3.5cm

   An off white 1980s Nissan 300Z with a black spoiler and red strobe rack on his roof, Streetwise has black windows - the front and rear are painted and the sides are stickers. The front bumper is painted black, the rear bumper unpainted. He has a proliferation of allegiance symbols - a rubsign (and indent) on his hood, an Autobot symbol sticker behind the strobes and the door stickers have a an Autobot sticker inside a black pentagram on the front doors. The rear doors have handles on their stickers.

   Streetwise has black plastic tyres, which roll, although with a low clearance and no axles he doesn't roll all that well. He has a hole on the back into which you can attach twin cannons that sit on top of the car, and are almost as long as Streetwise himself is.

   The hood is rather disjointed, since there's a big, obvious, hinge in the middle, as well as the rubsign & indent. The headlights should really be the only detail, but all this stuff ruins the illusion. The other seams and such are fine in this mode, although the rear you can clearly see the hinge, there are taillights but the section between them is red hinge bits for his transform.

   While it's not a bad mode, this isn't a fantastic one either. It's clearly a 300Z, which is a plus, but I'd have been a lot keener if there was less happening on his hood.


   Extent the rear section (it pulls out about 2mm), flip it over 180. Flip the front half over, unclip the front of the hood, releasing his hands. Pull the arms out to the sides, put the hood back into place. Fold the front section over to form the top half of the robot.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 5cm

   Again Streetwise is off white. The spoiler and rear windows give him black on his legs, the red strobe rack is now is feet. He has the front windscreen at the top of his chest. His head is white with blue eyes, but the most noticeable thing about it is that it's _not_ a square peg. In fact, Streetwise is the only square peg limb who's head isn't a square peg. He has one peg, which is on his back in this mode.

   Streetwise has almost no thighs. Remember how the rear extends 2mm? Well, he has 2mm thighs. He's also got no real groin, the front half of the car being his torso. I suppose the front bumper is his groin. In fact, his knees are the rear bumper, so he's almost entirely car mode parts. Only the arms and head aren't car parts, I do like the fact they made use of his car mode for his robot mode - unlike most of the Stunticons who just carry the car modes on their backs.

   Streetwise is the only small Protectobot with holes on the front of his hands, although his hands curl in from his arms. His shoulder joints are nice and high, so he looks pretty good standing there holding his gun. He's got a die cast back, and while it's nice they gave him die cast, it's not really a feature of either mode.

   While there are some good bits in this mode, I really hate the fact he has no thighs (the lower legs don't separate which makes it look worse).


   Released in 1986 and again in 1991 in some markets as a Classic, but no variations as such that I know about.


   My least favourite of the small Protectobots, although he's not a bad toy. The car mode's reasonably good, but the shape of the robot mode doesn't sit well with me. Still, he's not a bad little toy, and you need him for Defensor anyway - 6/10.

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