Stinkbomb Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Stinkbomb
Series: Beast Wars
Allegiance: Maximal
Function: Psychological Warfare
Alternate Mode: Skunk

Height: 10cm Length: 10.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   Stinkbomb joins an exclusive, but dubious club. Along with Blot, Windbreaker and Scattor he scores a rather unsavoury name. However, this guy actually has a name that reflects his alt mode rather than his hygiene or Hasbro's lazy naming schemes. Indeed the skunk uses scent glands as a defence mechanism, and his bio mentions it as part of his arsenal - even talking about needing tomato juice to get rid of the smell, a real life method for getting rid of skunk spray.

   Anyway he's a striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis), which means he's black with a white stripe down his back - making Stinkbomb fit the stereotypical skunk look. There are some yellow mech outbursts here and there, notably his upper forelimbs and little caps on the hindlegs. The tail and sides are gold chrome, with a yellow slashing claw at the tip of his tail. His eyes are red and his open mouth has teeth, although these are unpainted. The colour scheme is good, considering how limiting the striped skunk is. The yellow and gold make things interesting, and the colours work together.

   The tail sits over his head, in the spraying position, but rather than spray glands on his rump Stinkbomb has a... robot head. I'm going to steer clear of the obvious jokes, however it's obvious that this is not his best angle. The hind legs are short, as you'd expect of a skunk. The front legs are way too long, mind you, a by product of them doubling as robot legs. Otherwise, this is a pretty good skunk mode, with extensive chrome, lots of sculpted fur mixed mech outbursts and a good bodyshape for the most part. The tail and all four legs are are mounted on ball joints, he has knees in the front legs and all four feet have moulded claws. There is no weaponry as such, but the claw on his serrated tail looks ferocious enough for me, and the poseable tail gives it some play value.


   Fold down his head, which unlocks the backplate. Swing the backplate and beast head under his body, which will reveal the robot torso. Rotate the waist and straighten the legs, position the feet. lift up the robot head, stow the skunk head inside the toy and clip the head into place. Rotate the head and twist the tail so it forms a giant stinger over his head. Fold up the hindpaws, fold out the forearms from the back of his hindlegs, straighten the arms and swing up the gold side panels to form shoulder armour.

Height: 17cm Width: 6.5cm

   Stinkbomb's tall for a basic but 6cm of his height is that tail. The white has disappeared now and the yellow comes heavily into play. The boots, head and arms are black but the truck, thighs and elbow joints are yellow while the shoulder armour and stinger are chrome gold. There's a vaguely bat-like red mask on his face with green eyes and while this may not sound great, it looks it. There are some red panels on his chest, which is more or less mechanical while his head and limbs are largely organic. Again this is a pretty good colour scheme and the location of the gold parts works in his favour rather than clashing with the extensive yellow.

   If you lift the panel on his left shoulder you'll reveal his green Maximal spark crystal. Interestingly, the right panel also lifts up, revealing some back mech detailing. Both panels are also accessible in his skunk mode. As seems to be the case with a lot of Transmetal IIs, Stinkbomb is nice and poseable. The head turns and the stinger mounted on the back of his head has two joints at the base - a side to side hinge and a ball joint, giving Stinkbomb a surprisingly useful head-mounted melee weapon. The shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles are all ball joints and his elbows also score hinges. The waist rotates while the feet are big enough to make sure he's stable in a variety of poses.

   Stinkbomb has holes in his fists, despite the fact he comes without any sort of detachable weapon. This is in keeping with the detailed sculpt on his hands, and the quality of the sculpt in general. His mouth is moulded open with tiny rows of teeth - which are painted white! Someone really paid attention when designing this toy.

   A great robot mode, thanks to good colours, great poseability, an interesting weapon and a detailed sculpt. The paint job is well done and the colour layout smart. My only complaint is the lack of a hand weapon, but for a basic with a giant stinger that's a minor quibble.


   None as such, but Gas Skunk of RiD is a repaint (with a Predacon spark crystal).


   Sure, the name is hardly appealing, but it's very appropriate. Stinkbomb is a quality toy, with the good sculpting and articulation typical of Transmetal IIs. His robot mode is the better mode, since the skunk mode's forelimbs are too long. I can forgive the limb problem though, since this is the first attempt at a skunk in the Transformers line, and I appreciate the biodiversity. Recommended if you like Transmetals - 7.5/10

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