Stampy Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Stampy
Series: Beast Wars Neo
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Reconnaissance
Alternate Mode: Rabbit

Height: 10.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   A white rabbit with some grey on his ears, hindlegs and puffy tail, Stampy has some metallic blue paint on his back and red eyes. The red eyes don't quite fit in with the otherwise fairly realistic beast mode - not because rabbits don't have red eyes but because his eyes are big and obvious and kinda look like he's possessed. Still, this is my only complaint about the rabbit's colour scheme, which is otherwise good.

   For some reason Stampy has been moulded in mid bound, rather than squatting (or sitting upright like a bunny rabbit). He doesn't really look right on all fours, but it works well if you put him in a "starting to jump" pose. If you do, you're best viewing him from the side since the front will reveal lots of robot mode bits.

   The hindlegs have ball jointed hips and hinged knees (since they double as the robot legs) while the shorter forelegs have ball jointed shoulders. It is possible to squat the toy, although Stampy's legs will splay to the sides somewhat and he'll be looking at the ground in front of him. As added, slightly unusual, poseability, his ears can swing back and forth.

   As with all BW Neo toys, Stampy's sculpting is detailed and organic. He has moulded on most surfaces, an open mouth with rabbit front teeth on both jaws and toes on the feet. There are some hinges and whatnot on the sides, but otherwise the sculpt is impressive for a basic.

   There's a third mode available, which is official but not really worth a separate section. Basically through a lot of contorting you can turn Stampy into a weird scissor-weapon, which can be held by his larger team mates like Longrack. Pulling on his tail will activate the "blades" that are his ears, thanks to the little grey tabs sticking out of his sides. Considering how much effort went into this mode - and the engineering required, it's very disappointing.

   For the most part this is a nice beast mode, even if his pose is a little unusual. The big red eyes bug me a little, but since Stampy is one only only two Transformer rabbits, I don't mind - the innovation is enough to keep me happy. I wouldn't mind a poseable head, but it would have been difficult to execute at the scale without causing robot mode problems.


   Straighten the legs, unclip the shoulder-section and swing it up over the rump, which will reveal his arms. Split the rabbit head and swing the arms down to the sides (similar to TM Cheetor), clipping the arms into the side tabs. The head sits half-sunken into his torso, pull it out, pose his arms. Lastly flip the rabbit feet back to form heelspurs and fold the feet down from his shins.

Height: 10cm Width: 13cm

   Wider than he is tall thanks to the long bunny ears hanging off his forearms, Stampy is a mixture of while and grey plastics with extensive gold paint on his helmet, forearms, groin and shins. His face is silver with red eyes and a green crest. There's a red Maximal spark crystal on the left side of his chest, which looks great (even if it is proportionally huge), and the weapon mode handle on his waist giving Stampy a pronounced "outie".

   The forearms are really the insides of the rabbit head, but the long pointed ears make for great slashing weapons, complete with smooth blade edges. The thighs are bigger than his shins which is unusual for a Transformer (usually it's the opposite). The heelspurs are also bigger than the feet, which again looks unusual. Despite the unorthodox features Stampy still looks pretty good in this mode since the spark crystal placement, blades and well done head all work in his favour. In fact none of his more unique elements are liabilities - instead the help giving him character.

   Poseability is pretty good - the shoulders, elbows and hips are all ball jointed while the ankles and knees are hinged. The head turns although it looks best facing forward since there are hinges on either side. The heelspurs can't lift up which limits his leg poseability a little, but at least he's stable in the poses they do allow. The open mouth halves form claws which extend from his moulded fists, and it's a shame he doesn't come with a hand weapon for these claws.

   Other than the lack of a detachable weapon and the slightly out of place handle, this is a nice robot mode. Stampy has great colours and the spark crystal really makes for an appealing robot mode. The poseability is pretty good for a basic with a dedicated weapon mode, even if he has limited heelspurs.


   None that I'm aware of, although he was sold separately or in a 2 pack with Sling.


   The rabbit mode is such an unusual choice that it's almost worthwhile in itself. The beast mode does have it's idiosyncrasies but both beast and robot modes are good. The weapon mode is a spectacular waste of time but thankfully doesn't cause much damage despite how much of the toy has gone into it. If you can pick him up at a decent price, Stampy is recommended simply for originality - 7/10

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