SpyChanger Side Swipe Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Side Swipe [Shudder]
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Production Model Based Drag Racer

Height: 2cm Length: 8cm Width: 3cm

   A green & black drag racer, although it's a production model style - so it ends up looking more like a NASCAR type of vehicle. The parachute backs on the back give him away as a Drag racer though. He also has rivets on his hood, which is a rather nice bit of detailing. He's got silver hubcaps, a silver engine popping through the hood, a silver front bumper and champagne gold windows. Both Tail & headlights are red - the headlights look pretty stupid in red, too. There's an Autobot symbol on the roof.

   It's a good mould, with a carelessly devised paint job. The parachute packs, coupled with air intakes on the side windows, show that during G2 when this mould was devised, care was taken with the design. The RiD paint job brings it down, though. On the plus side, it's got axles and rolls quite well, so it's not a total loss in car mode - more a case of the G2 features working but the RiD design team messing things up.

   Unreleased in G2, this mould is probably about average for the GoBot/Spychanger moulds. There's some nice details in this mode (it gets dragged down once you transform it). It's just a shame the avoidable bad colour scheme got through to production.


   Pretty simple. Pull down the rear to form the legs, fold down the hood to form the chest, pull out the arms, and remove the gun from between his shins. This is a feature the original six moulds of this type didn't have, and it's a nice feature.

Height: 7cm Width: 4cm

   Take the green and black of the car mode and add blue and yellow. It's as bad as it sounds. We have a green & black chest, black arms, yellow shins & feet, blue thighs and a blue head with silver detailing. It wouldn't be so bad if the blue wasn't present, or the green paint wasn't there, but as it stands it's a rather badly done colour combination - worse than the car mode, easily.

   The head itself is blue with a silver face, and he has these big silver goggles for some reason. Sure, they match his speed demon thing, but they look downright silly. Add to this the chestplate doesn't fold down properly unless you file down the year imprint on the hinging piece underneath. While this is easy to fix, it should have been corrected before getting into production. I don't know if the problem is a hangover from G2 or something that occurred when they imprinted the year 2000 on the mould, but it's sloppy.

   This mode is probably the worst robot mode of all ten Spychangers to date - and it's mainly the colour scheme, though the goggles and hinging problems certainly contribute. It's not a total write off, but I can't help look at Side Swipe and think what could have been.


   As mentioned, this was an unreleased G2 Gobot mould, so there's probably some prototypes floating around that are different - since both the US and Japan had ideas for this toy that were never put into production. AFAIK, no released variations. Silverstreak is a repaint of Side Swipe.


   A good mould spoiled by laziness, although the mould itself has problems, so it's not just the colour scheme that brings Side Swipe down. Someone's gotta slap around the guy who coloured this toy. I can't help look at this guy and think what might have been. Done right I'd have recommended it, but as it is, 4/10

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