Squeezeplay Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Squeezeplay
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Saboteur
Alternate Mode: Cobra Monster

Height: 9cm Length: 14.5cm Width: 6.5cm

   A blue hunched bipedal monster with purple cobra head, purple tail and back. Squeezeplay has big purple and grey claws as "arms", while there's also some grey on his back and lower jaw. There are various mech stickers on the head and arms, while his eyes are green. The colours are typical the Decepticons for 1988, but I don't mind since they work well together.

   To be honest, the head is about the only aspect that looks like a cobra, the claws, with two grey hooks each, look purely robotic while the body looks vaguely gorilla-like. The tail reminds me of an Ankylosaur tail, with spines on the sides and tip. The tail also bears the only Decepticon logo we get in this mode, which is a sticker.

   As odd as this beast is, I really like the idea. The claws and head are cool, and the hunchback helps define this as an evil creature. He has moulded teeth in his open mouth, which along with the claws give Squeezeplay a predatory look. It's a good concept that's aided by useful arm articulation - the claws open and close while the shoulders and elbows swing. While the legs are static, the squatting stance is dynamic enough on it's own. Adding to the play value is a hatch on the groin which opens out to reveal a cavity where Lokos can be stored.

   Considering that this is a fairly small and simple toy, this is an excellent beast mode. The colours work, the concept is both creative and well executed and the poseability is great for a G1 animal mode. The only real flaw here is a slight backheaviness, even then this only comes into play if you transform the tail (which he needs as a stabilising leg at the back).


   Remove Lokos and the tail. Lift up the arms and head, rotate the waist, fold the backpack out to the sides to form the robot arms, flip the toy over straighten the beast arms into legs and open the claws as feet. Swing the fists out from within the forearms, lift up the connecting post on the tail and place the tail into either hand as a shield-gun. Give Squeezeplay his blue handgun and plug Lokos in as the head.

Height: 13.5cm Width: 8.5cm

   Again a mix of purple, blue and grey, with a blue torso, blue fists, grey feet, thighs and arms, purple head and boots. The face is painted grey and is well sculpted, rounding out a very unified and well laid out colour scheme. Again there's a single logo, now on the shield (which the tech specs refer to as a mace - which is a stretch).

   There's a tech spec meter on the chest, which is a grey plate with purple indicators, telling us that Squeezeplay has a speed of 4, strength of 8 and intelligence of 5. There's a multi-coloured sticker defining the categories above the meter itself, and since two of the three colours are purple and blue, this sticker blends in well.

   Squeezeplay has reptile like legs in that they attach to the sides of the groin rather than the bottom of it, but with claw-like feet and heelspurs, this somehow feels appropriate. The torso tapers in to accommodate this, and while it's not ideal, the overall bodyshape works well enough. The beast legs stick out from his back, sitting behind the head, and while they're kibble, they make for a cool feature without getting in the way of anything.

   The poseability here is again good, in fact it's great for G1. The shoulders rotate and the arms can lift out to the sides up to 45, the waist rotates, the hips swing, the knees bend and the feet and heelspurs can swing down. The shield impresses me in that it's convincing as both a shield _and_ a gun, despite being a detachable tail (we're talking about better kibble than many BW toys). The gun is pretty much a gun, but if you don't want to keep the gun handy while playing, the shield can sub in as a gun that'll stow in animal mode.

   This is a great robot mode, with excellent poseability, good colours, useful weaponry and some nice design elements. The torso is perhaps a little plain for my liking - the meter is the only detail on this flat blue area - I've added a Decepticon logo sticker to make things more interesting. The reptilian hips might bother some, but I wouldn't call that a design flaw, since it's really an aesthetic design choice.

   Lokos has a purple body, blue legs and a giant grey upside face on his back. He has a simple silver facewith no real mouth. There is no poseability. As with all of the small Headmaster figures, there's really very little to this figure, which is in truth nothing more than an accessory.


   None that I'm aware of. His name in Japan is Cancer.


   The best of the small Headmasters in my opinion, Squeezeplay has two attractive modes, good colours and probably the best poseability of any Headmaster (large or small). The cobra monster concept is really quite cool, and for me is enough to make the toy worthwhile on it's own. If you like Headmasters or monster alt modes, I'd definitely recommend Squeezeplay - 8.5/10

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