Sprocket Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sprocket
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Surface Surveillance
Alt Mode: None (was a fighter jet of some kind)

Height: 10cm Width: 4.5cm

   A black Actionmaster with white thighs, arms and head, Sprocket's forearms, feet and knees are all painted orange, and the dull orange paint used compliments the black and white, adding just enough colour. There's some yellow on his boots and a silver canopy in the centre of his torso. His face is silver with a red eyestrip and there's also a red crest on top of his head. While I'm not sure how these colours would translate to a fighter jet, they look quite nice, and beat the colours of some other fighter jet Transformers (particularly some of the Predator jets). There's an Autobot logo sticker on his chest, above the canopy.

   While we've never seen another version of this character, Sprocket was quite obviously a fighter thanks to a few well placed hints. The canopy on his chest is flanked by orange air intakes, there are orange thrusters on his heels and small vestigial wings on the back of his shoulders. There are even small tailfins on the top of his head, which thankfully don't dominate his head.

   Sprocket's poseability is the same as every other Actionmaster - his head turns, arms rotate and legs have G.I. Joe poseability (fully poseable hips, knees bend 90 degrees). When you fold the knees you might notice that the thighs have sculpted undercarriage on them, which is a great touch.


   A large (22cm long) green open car with seating for two, the seats are baby blue while the engineblock and two missiles mounted on the back are gold. I suspect the gold plastic is the notoriously brittle variety Hasbro were so fond of during the 90s (the stuff that ruined Electro), but it's not used on many joints, so it doesn't manage to ruin this vehicle, which is nice. There are some red and yellow stickers, including a set on the doors that sport Autobot symbols. There are four rolling black wheels.

   There are some nice touches here. You can detach the missiles and clip them onto the sides, or turn them around to form guns (they also double as rather long handguns for Sprocket), you can even mount them on the hood (as guns only). There are well defined headlights and taillights and an armrest between the seats.

   The transformation to attack plane is fairly easy, and intuitive. Swing the rear fenders forward, fold down the blue missile mounts to form wings, attach the missiles (or turn them around so they face forward), swing up the tail, spread the two blades of the orange rotor, flip out the engineblock to reveal a twin barrelled cannon. You're meant to fold the wheels underneath, but can leave them down if you'd like this thing to be able to roll.

   For some reason Hasbro call this this a hovercopter (as far as I'm aware, all copters can hover), as if the name of the car mode wasn't long enough. Anyway, aside from the random orange rotor, it looks really good. Again two Actionmasters can sit in this vehicle and the cannons on the front look good. The tail, rotors and wings all look fairly natural. This vehicle is above the standard of most Actionmaster vehicles - in fact it wouldn't look out of place amongst relatively short-lived M.A.S.K. line.

   While the door symbols are no longer visible, there's now one on the hood, uncovered when you fold down the cannons. The cannon rotating represents the only gold plastic jointing here, and mine looks fine (I got it second hand) - which is a good sign. It has an impressive wingspan of 26cm, and while you lose the option of plugging the missiles into the sides, they look really good mounted on the wings. We still have the hood-mounted gun option, anyway.

   The best Actionmaster vehicle I own (or have owned), which might not be saying that much, but this thing is good enough to make a bad Actionmaster worthwhile. The jury is out on the gold plastic to some extent (there's one small crack on the engineblock on mine), and I could have done without the orange, but otherwise this is a great vehicle.


   None that I know of. Rumbler is a rather gaudy non-US repaint (with a different vehicle).


   A very good figure with nice colours, subtle yet distinct alternate mode aspects and a clever paint mask. The vehicle is equally strong, with two good modes - no half-baked transformation here (as many Actionmaster vehicles have). There's enough play value in the vehicle to make this a great set - it'll happily accommodate Sprocket and a friend. If you like Actionmasters, grab this set - 9/10

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