Spychanger RiD Prime Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Robots in Disguise
Allegiance: Autobot
Alternate Mode: Fire Truck

Height: 4.5cm Length: 10cm Width: 3.5cm

   A red fire truck that unsurprisingly looks a lot like the larger RiD Optimus Prime, he's red with a silver ladder, metallic blue painted windows and black plastic tyres. On either side, on the bottom, are stamped Autobot symbols. The strobes on his roof are painted a cherry red, which is easy to miss on a red roof. The red plastic is a little bright, and looks a little cheap.

   This truck lack the complexity of the big version, but at about 1/5 the size, that's understandable. There is no base mode, no electronics and no attack mode. The ladder lifts and it's base rotates 90 either way.

   Being a Spychanger, he rolls on axles, although unlike most Spychangers, the front wheels are on separate axles, rather than being on a single axle that runs right through. These front wheels are also significantly larger than the rear wheels. The middle set of wheels, which are at the rear, are false wheels, red plastic painted black. I could deal with this if it weren't for the fact that while the rear wheels have chromed silver hubcaps, the false ones are all black.

   The unpainted hubcaps are his only real flaw as a fire truck, and while it bothers me, this flaw isn't enough to bring down what's otherwise a fairly good truck mode.


   Remember how there's no base mode? Well there's also only one robot form, not a small and large robot form. So the transformation is totally different from the original. The robot mode is the larger of the big version's two robot modes.

   Extend the front to form the robot legs, stand him up. Rotate the ladder assembly to one side, fold back the rear of the truck and slide the ladder assembly "up" so he can stand up. Slide the arms out to the sides and position them.

Height: 9cm Width: 5cm

   Still largely red, but now with a silver torso, black painted feet, silver paint shins and feet and metallic blue forearms. The wheel assemblies on the shins have been preserved, although it's actually a facade - the front wheels are clearly visible on the sides of the shins. The chest has an orange painted section, with a moulded Autobot symbol, painted yellow, inside that, and this chest is a simplification of the chest of the larger one. The head is red with a silver mouthplate, crest and antennae, and black eyes. For some reason, the internal section of the groin, which is a silver piece of plastic, has been painted red. You can only see this from the side, and it doesn't really make any difference from side angles. Still, this is a decent colour scheme overall, random red paint or not.

   While very shrunken, this is a fairly good representation of RiD Optimus Prime for the size. The paint job has been over simplified, most likely for cost reasons - which makes me wonder about the waste of money that red groin paint is. The main difference in the shape of this robot is the big ladder on the side, as opposed to on the back of the original.

   The ladder, while not having any gimmick attached, makes a difference to the play value of this mode. He's rather back heavy with curved heels (the windscreen of the truck mode), so you have to position the ladder right for him to stand upright. In fact, if it's not right, he can actually topple over. While this is pretty easy to manage, it's annoying at times. The poseability is good for a Spychanger - his head rotates, his elbows swing and he can do the splits for some reason.

   Not as nice as the truck mode, this mode has a couple of flaws. The reliance on ladder position as well as some poor paint applications hurt this mode. It's still decent, but is the weaker of his two modes.


   Recoloured in TF:Universe, but no actual variations that I'm aware of.


   A mixture of good and bad features. I like the truck mode, but I'm not so keen on the robot mode. The coolest aspect of this toy is the way they managed to completely reengineer the character's transformation between similar robot and vehicle modes. I'll stop short of recommending this toy, mainly because it really depends on how impressed you are - 5.5/10

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