Sonic Bomber Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sonic Bomber
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Destron
Alternate Mode: Robotic Spacer Cruiser

Thanks to Demonac for loaning me Sonic Bomber for this review.

Height: 6cm Length: 18cm Width: 15cm

   A black space cruiser with quite a few stickers, mainly red and white but also some green and gold and sky blue on the cockpit towards the nose of the ship, Sonic Bomber has an orange cannon mounted on top between the tailfins and two more halfway back along the edges of the wings. He's roughly an arrowhead shape with a pointy nose and somewhat flat body. The black and orange work well together and while the orange is bright it's well matched with the black. It's actually a pretty attractive ship mode overall.

   The stickers have a tendency to fall off, and this seems to be a theme amongst the set according to Demonac (who has the Big Powered giftset that also includes Dai Atlas & Road Fire), but this is really my only complaint here. There are four wheels underneath and while only the front pair roll they do make this thing lie nice and flat. The three guns make him look well armed and there are various plane seams on the ship, which keeps me happy.

   There's not really much play value here, but then this guy has a base mode (more on that in a second) and can combine with Road Fire & Dai Atlas to form Big Powered, so there is still some play value in Sonic Bomber overall.

   Surprisngly good considering this is the smallest of the set, this space cruiser mode has enough detail to keep things interesting, the guns add some colour and the stickers add some definition. my only real complaint is the somewhat loose stickers, but glue can always fix stuff like that anyway,.


   More of a halfway mode than a true mode, but it's pretty good for what it is. You release the robot arms (the nose halves) and lift them up to form towers while the back folds out to reveal an orange platform and a black ramp. The wings/legs become rear towers and the gun can sit on top of either tower. Essentially it's a little launching platform for Sonic and scales well with the Micromaster. There's a button on the back which will tilt up the orange platform and if Sonic is on the platform he'll roll down the platform and roll a few inches along the table. The ramps is really the only base specific part of the toy, but it's enough to make it work and this base gives Sonic Bomber some nice play value.


   Remove the gun, press the button at the back which will split the nose in a noisy spring loaded explosion of parts, which also sees the ramp flip out - this needs to stow away again. Swing the wings down to the sides to form the legs, rotate the wingtips down to form his feet and fold back the sideguns to form heelspurs. Bend the nose halves to form his arms and swing back the tips to reveal his hands., Give him his gun and fold down his chestplate.

Height: 16cm Width: 11cm

   The black isn't so dominant now - the chest, outsides of his boots, arms and waist are white while there's a lot of red on the chest and arms. His head is grey and eyes green while there's an orange crest on his forehead and an orange chestplate. Again there are a lot of stickers including most of the red (on his arms) and an Autobot symbol, on his chestplate. Rounding things out are very short grey thighs, Again this colour scheme is pretty good, although it's not quite as nice as that of the jet mode.

   The face is very well sculpted with a chin, lips, nose and well defined eyes. Sonic Bomber has big beefy shoulders, which I suppose fits with the whole Japanese hero thing, honourable and brave and all that. Combined the crest on his head and big shoulders really make this guy look quite noble, in fact.

   The poseability here is not great, but then this era produced few poseable toys. The shoulders turn and the hips can rotate allowing him to point his feet outwards, The heelspurs are a nice touch and are unusual for a G1 toy, and do help his stability.

   Yeah Sonic Bomber's a G1 brick straight out of Japanese Anime, but he looks good in this mode and that's really the most you can hope for, so I have no complaints. The face is very well done and the orange is again offset well with black, white and grey.

Alternate Mode: Porsche 929

Height: 1.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 2cm

   A little black Porsche 929 (think Dead End), Sonic is a little squarer at the front than a real 929 and the only colour is a sky blue sticker on the front window, which roughly matches the blue sticker on Sonic Bomber's cockpit sticker. There are moulded headlights, a moulded badge on the front and moulded doors that even have doorhandles.

   Sonic has black wheels that roll. He'll slide along smooth surfaces but rolls quite nicely on the tablecloth where I'm sitting. The play value is pretty much the same as every other Micromaster car then. Colour in the other windows would have been nice, but the well defined car model and mould details are pluses.


   By the numbers. Flip the front over to forma backpack, fold out the rear to form his boots, position the arms.

Height: 5cm Width: 2cm

   Mainly white now with black arms and boots, there's a single silver screw on his waist which represents the only colour on this robot mode. The facial sculpt is pretty good but only the recessed eyes really come out since everything is white.

   The boots are a single piece which is slightly disappointing, but he has no trouble standing at least. Like many Micromasters, his hips bend as one and he can sit down. The knees also bend as one but this offers no poseability.

   Colours aside this robot mode really reminds me of Roadhandler, which is a good thing but the colours are really spartan and while black and white works, a little paint would go a long way here.


   None that I know of, but this set is pretty rare so they'd be worth a fortune. Sonic Bomber was sold either separately or as part of the Big Powered Giftset.


   Considering the tendency for Japanese toys of this era to be big and blocky with a relative lack of detail, Sonic Bomber is a surprisingly good toy. Both modes look nice and the base mode does what it's meant as well as adding some play value. Sonic is a decent Micromaster who could have been very good with some more paint, but he compliments Sonic Bomber quite well. Whether or not this toy is worth its asking price is really up to you, but along with Dai Atlas and Road Fire he forms Big Powered, which adds some appeal to an already good toy - 8/10

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