Snarler Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snarler
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Assault Warrior
Alternate Mode: Wild Boar

Height: 6cm Length: 11cm Width: 5cm

   A brown and purple pig with a conical drill on his nose, a pine green tail and pine green front feet, Snarler has a black eyestrip which looks like a spaceship bridge. Before I go any further, I'll rip right in and say this is a terrible colour scheme. The brown is a horrible mid brown, and the combination of this brown, the pine green and brightish purple seems random at best - they do not combine well.

   Unfortunately, the colour scheme is pretty much indicative of the quality of this animal mode. The legs are spindly things with pre-moulded hooves, and while the hips can swing, there's not really much point with the fixed hooves. The tail can lift up and down, it's a straight piece of plastic, I think a curly tail (or something moulded to resemble one) would have looked much cooler.

   There's not really much more to this boar. You can attach the large gun, thanks to a hole on his back, which is really the only worthwhile play value in a rather crappy alt mode.


   Flip the tail up, fold out the rear to become his robot legs, flip up the head onto his back. Stand the robot up, swing down his arms and fold his hands out. Swing the boar's hindlegs back out of the way.

Height: 9.5cm Width: 5.5cm

   That horrible brown now dominates, his lower legs are purple and his forearms and hands green, but otherwise he's essentially brown, although he does have a randomly blue face, which is I suppose in keeping with the randomness of this whole colour scheme. There are blue stickers on his shoulders, but they're the cheap soft plastic type Hasbro used in 1988 that curl back and then refuse to stick down again. These stickers have Decepticon logos on them, which are actually visible on the shoulders of the boar mode, and are the only allegiance displayed anywhere on this toy.

   The lower legs really don't look like shins or feet, since they're a solid piece of purple plastic with a green tail in the middle. Plus they have the hindlegs sort of hanging off the back. The chest is pretty much devoid of anything interesting, and while this is fairly common for this era where few Transformers had clear alt mode bits on the robot mode, it really drags down Snarler's robot mode since the colour scheme is dull and some sort of feature on the chest would vastly liven up what is a poor robot mode.

   Poseability is okay. The shoulders swing, and the head actually turns right around, which is not needed for the transformation at all. His knees don't bend, they only fold right back for animal mode. When the legs unfold for robot mode, the knees clip into place quite firmly, so any posing is out. In fact on mine they swing too far, and the clip prevents me from correcting this, so he's always leaning forward.

   That's pretty much it - there's not really much to this robot mode. It's pretty generic, and while the head turning is a nice feature, there's nothing else that stands out about it, aside from the bad colours.

The Pretender Shell

   A green boar that looks a lot more like a pig than the inner robot's beast mode, it has yellow painted hooves and a not-so-piglike horn on it's forehead. The texture across most of this shell is of a fine hair, which is suitably piglike, and the lines are a lot more organic than the fairly angular lines of the inner component.

   There are some silver metallic bits, which are suitably angular, and he has detachable shoulderpads that can attach to each shoulder, but this almost seems like an excuse for more accessories - and really only means there's more you can lose (mine has no shoulderpads). Sticking out of his cheeks are lightish pine green tusks, which are the same colour as his tail, these are made of a slightly softer plastic that the rest of the toy, though it's not really soft enough to easily bend.

   Aside from the token shoulderpads, the only real play value is a hole on his back to mount the large gun into. Well, that and the fact you can stow Snarler himself inside, of course.


   None I'm aware of.


   The inner robot has very little going for it - bad colours, generic robot mode - and it's a poor attempt at a pig Transformer. While it might have been possible for this concept to be done a lot better, most 1988 Pretenders were fairly cheaply designed and looked very generic. Snarler is probably worse than most, mind you, and really the reasonably realistic shell is his only strong point, although it's not enough to save this toy. If you grab him for a token price at a market stall like I did, fine, but he's not worth seeking out - 3/10

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