Snare Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snare
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Surveillance
Alternate Mode: Grumman X-Z9 Fighter Jet

Height: 6cm Length: 13cm Width: 10cm

   A red fighter jet, based on the X-Z9, with a fair few modifications to fit his transform. He's got a gold engine on the back, a bright transparent yellow cockpit. The front stabiliser fins are painted the same gold as the engine. The wingtips are painted green and there's blue stickers on top of the plane. Two of these blue stickers, on the wings, have G1 style Decepticon stickers. Oh, yes, this jet has swept forward wings.

   The front stabilisers are oddly shaped since they double as his shoulders, and the elbows form black kibble between them and the wings. The legs are at the back of the jet and make the fuselage too wide back there. The overall proportions are a little off, but the overall effect isn't bad for a toy of this size for the price it originally sold for (~$A10-14). Plus he has retractable landing gear - although the wheels are solidly moulded.

   Like all the Predator jets, there's a grey panel underneath that you can fold out. When you clip him into Skyquake or Stalker you can look through their viewfinders to see a picture of what is I believe Boss in a firefight. Not the best gimmick ever, but it's a unique one. Pretty average vehicle mode for a Predator jet. Nothing fantastic, about average for the time. I don't think they've ever used this model jet as a Transformer before or since.


   Fold up the landing gear. The rear landing gear is linked to the feet, so fold them up as well. Extent the legs, fold down the cockpit to form the chest, fold up the head. Position the arms and give him his missile launcher.

Height: 10cm Width: 10cm

   As tall as he is wide, Snare's got his wings pointing up and to the sides, which makes him look nice & powerful. The red which dominates the jet mode does so here also. He's got black feet, thighs, arms and a black head. His face, which is quite detailed, is paint gold and has yellow light-piped eyes. In fact his head looks _good_.

   The single-engine design means that there's a solid block behind the gap between his legs, ruining the overall look somewhat. Which is a shame because he's a well-proportioned robot. The cockpit on his torso works well, and the wings rising out of his hips work well.

   There's very little poseability, his arms swing at the shoulders and his head can swivel so he's able to look up and down - this is part of the transform. Still, the head motion makes him more poseable than the other Predator jets. His missile launcher, which is a bronze colour, can fire his lime green missiles. There are spots to store these missiles on the wingtips, although this works against the look of the wings so I leave them off.


   None that I'm aware of.


   I suppose the fact that this set - or indeed this mould - was never released in the USA increases his value somewhat. In some cases the enhanced prices for the late G1 "European" toys aren't really justified by how good the toys actually are. But Snare _is_ a nice toy. Sure, he suffers from having some garish colours here and there (those lime green missile are horrible, but at least they're removable), but he's got a pretty nice looking robot mode and the vehicle mode isn't bad. Plus there's few swept-wing Transformer jets out there - 6/10

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