Snapdragon Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Snapdragon
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Interceptor
Alternate Mode: SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane, Dragon

Height: 7cm Length: 23cm Width: 15cm

   Snapdragon's plane mode is mainly grey, with green tailfins, a black mid-section (it's Krunk's cockpit), and a painted gold cockpit at the front. He has decepticon symbols on his wings. On mine, the wings tend to droop, but he still looks pretty good. His guns slot in just underneath his wings, but are fairly unobtrusive in this mode. It's a nice plane mode, and although there's nothing spectacular about it, it doesn't really have any bad points.

Krunk has a mainly maroon Nebulon mode. His arms & legs are maroon, the rest purple. His shins & arms have dragon teeth on them, and the grey front of the dragon jaw sits over his head as a sort of helmet. Unlike a lot of large Headmaster Nebulons, he can't hide the face on his back.


   Firstly, take Krunk out of his cockpit if you have him there. Fold the rear panel over onto the mid-section, fold the wings up. You're meant to remove the green tailfins here, but I'd recommend against it - they don't really get in the way and you can't lose them if they're still attached. Turn over, fold down the grey sides to form the rear legs. Bend the knees back and fold down the feet. Fold down the tail, lift out the neck (this can be tricky, the tab you have to grab is small). Fold down the robot legs, fold the insides right back under the body, while swivelling the sides up so that they point up and forward. Next fold out the green claws. Fold Krunk's legs up, lift the purple mouthplate up to form a horn, and attach him to the neck. The guns attach on his back in this mode, into two screw-holes.

Height: 15cm Length: 20cm Width: 9cm

   Snapdragon, unlike a lot of other Headmaster Decepticons, has a very blocky, solid looking & robotic animal mode. It's black down the back, with a purple neck, purple hipplate and purple chest. The hind legs are grey with purple feet, the front legs black with green claws. The head is grey with a maroon lower jaw and a purple horn on top.

   It's not the best Dinosaur Transformer you ever saw, but considering it turns into an actual spy plane and a robot, it's okay. The biggest problem is the forelimbs - the "claws" are terrible - they're more like hooks. The reason for this is they've been made so he can hold his guns in this mode, although why you'd want a bipedal dinosaur holding a gun I'm not sure. At any rate, the instructions place the guns on his back, where they look a whole lot better.

   The biggest positive about this mode is the head - the eyes & horn are clever and the horn hides the robot face effectively & simply. The jaw opens too and reveals teeth (and Krunk). I also like the wings attached to his rear legs, although that's probably just me, I feel it adds to his appearance in this mode.

   Overall it's okay, with some nice bits and some bad points, but nothing to ruin it or make it fantastic.


   Remove Krunk from his cockpit if he's in there. Fold up the wings & cockpit (including Krunk's chamber), then fold the nose up. Remove the guns and fold down the legs. Stand him up, fold the feet out and place the guns in his hands. Fold Krunk into head mode and attach him to the shoulders. Position the arms as desired.

Height: 19cm Width: 9cm

   For me, Snapdragon was for years I toy I wanted but never found, and this mode is the main reason why. While there's no particular point about it that stands out, I just love the look of this mode. It's solid and beefy with a cool head. And he has big shoulders (:

   He's got a black chest with a purple tech-spec meter plate and a purple groin. He has a grey head, the arms are grey with purple hands. The thighs are purple, the knees green and the shins black with purple feet (and green bits on the outside). As mentioned, he has big shoulders, we're talking big pointy SR-71 sides. The head has Dinosaur eyes on the sides of the face, but they're designed to look like cheeks or something, and the face, with a mouthplate, is simple and distinct.

   It's not all that poseable, the arms and elbows move, and he can sit down, though that's more part of the transform than a deliberate joint. If he has any drawbacks, poseability could be counted, although he's about average for G1. Probably the biggest flaw is that his arms remain flush beside his body, not out to the sides at all - although he's hardly alone in this (Brainstorm, Hardhead, Mindwipe & Chromedome all share this trait)


   None that I'm aware of.


   Well, as you can probably tell, I like this toy. If you like Headmasters, you should like him, and you can do far worse in that subgroup. Krunk is the only place on the toy with red plastic on it (and Krunk has red in abundance), but luckily it only really shows in Nebulon mode. The plane and robot modes are both strong, and while the Dinosaur mode drags behind a little, it doesn't drag the toy down really. My only hesitation is that it's really not the sort of toy Beast Wars fans will like, since it's a very robotic animal mode - you've really got to be a G1 fan to appreciate it. Assuming you're into G1, 8/10

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