Slugslinger Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Slugslinger
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Air Defence
Alternate Mode: Twin Cockpit Futuristic Jet

Height: 4.5cm (7cm with Caliburst mounted) Length: 18cm Width: 15cm

   Largely grey, with blue engines mounted on the wings, a blue mount for Caliburst just behind the cockpits and a blue block at the rear with blue stabilisers mounted on top. The canopies are a transparent blue. The top of the plane, with the exceptions of the rear block and engines, is more or less one surface - the wings are a continuous piece, although they angle down at the tips, which have missiles moulded onto them. The twin canopies are essentially extensions of this, although the noses are conical.

   Slugslinger has rear wheels which fold up (forward) underneath his wings, and a front wheel which folds back underneath the fuselage. All the wheels can roll. The rear wheels have a tendency to fold forward, in which case he'll end up tilting over. I'm not complaining, mind you, having three wheels that fold in is a good thing. The other action feature is the ability to mount Caliburst in gun mode. He integrates quite well, despite being a slightly different shade of blue & silver. Easily the best integrated in this series (which also includes Misfire and Triggerhappy).

   A good plane mode, with a good colour scheme, well designed with a well integrated Targetmaster. It's only drawbacks are the tendency of the wheels to fold up and the extensive use of a grey plastic that's unusually prone to yellowing.


   Remove Caliburst if attached. Fold up the landing gear. Lift up and fold down the rear block to form the legs, swing the feet down into place. Fold the nose assembly back, then down onto the back. Stand him up. Press down on the head slightly, it should pop out from within the torso and up. Swing forward the forearms and lift the fists out from within. This can be a little tricky, you need to grip the moulded fingers to really get them out. Give him his handgun.

Height: 17cm Width: 15cm

   With wings on either side, Slugslinger is a caped robot. Whilst the plane mode is essentially grey, this mode is primarily blue. He does have grey wings, fists, elbows, thighs & fists, as well as a grey waist. His face is white and his eyes are pink. His face & head in general is very well moulded with good detail - a feature of this set.

   His legs are a little skinny, but otherwise he's a well proportioned and well detailed robot. He's also fairly poseable for a G1 toy, with shoulders that swing out to the sides a little, elbows that swivel forward, knees that bend back and his hips swivel back and forth. Like Triggerhappy & Misfire, he has good poseability and heelspurs, allowing for a few stable poses.

   My favourite of the Decepticon Targetmasters, Slugslinger's got a very good robot mode, on balance. The colours work, the cape works in his favour and everything is well designed.

   Caliburst himself is a blue Nebulan with silver legs. To transform him to gun mode, you have to attach a barrel piece. This does mean there's an extra bit you can lose. It's a pretty cool gun mode, though. Like Blowpipe & Aimless, his hip swivel is inherently weak, and will break if you transform it excessively. So I recommend leaving him in his gun mode.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Solid in both modes, good poseability, a good Targetmaster that compliments Slugslinger well and a nice colour scheme. Whilst he's not without his flaws, he's worthwhile. Probably his biggest drawback is the grey plastic used - a lot of Slugslingers out there are yellowed. Mine has some minor yellowing, but it's more a slight change in shade. But I've seen some that are really distorted. Provided you can get one that's still looking grey, 8/10

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