Sludge Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sludge
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Jungle Warrior, Demolitions
Alt Mode: Brontosaurus - a dinosaur later realised to be a mistaken combination of various fossils...

Height: 7cm Length: 21cm (half of that is tail and neck) - IRL he'd be several buses long Width: 7cm

   A long necked Dinosaur, Sludge is mainly grey with chrome silver panels on the front half of his body and the end of his tail, with a chrome gold lump on his back (robot feet - and the show retains this feature making him show accurate) and a smoky transparent dino head with detailed chrome gold inside. His lower jaw (which moves, btw) is chrome gold on it's own. He has spine-like protrusions on his back end for some reason. They don't really detract from the overall look though, he's not trying to be a Brontosaurus, just a reasonable facsimile (c8

   IMO Sludge is (along with Swoop) the best looking Dinobot in dino mode. But he does lose out in the poseability stakes. His front legs are static since they're his robot biceps and his robot lower arms simply fold underneath. His rear legs move and his ankles are poseable, so he makes up partly for the front legs there - you can still pose him in walking poses. His neck can move to look down (although he has no eyes!) and his jaw opens and shuts. I suspect he's meant to have sticker eyes, but mine came eyeless. It doesn't really bother me - this Dinosaur is meant to be huge with a small head - I could believe the eyes are simply too small to really be visible in this scale. In fact his eyes in the cartoon are way too big (c8


   For mine, Sludge has the best transform of all the Dinobots, simple because they deal with his length very well. While some toys (eg TM Terrorsaur, Manterror) end up spindly, Sludge loses his length well.

   Fold the rear feet forward and fold back the rear legs into their slots. Split the tail end and fold the halves to the sides of his body - they fit _very_ nicely under his animal legs - like I said this guy hides his length well. Fold down his robot arms and fold out his hands (this is probably the trickiest bit of any Dinobot transform - you need nails - if you know what you're doing it's easy but if you don't it can take a while). Fold his rear half down to form his robot legs. Fold down his head and fold his entire neck under the body (where his hands were)Lift his arms up (towards the front of the dino) so his wings can clear them, and split the chrome part of his body apart to form the wings and swing them right back. They fit either side of the neck/head nicely (concealing it). Rotate his legs around, split them and swing them back down to form the waist. Swing the arms down and you're done. Not a hint of his dino length from the front (c8

Height: 15cm Width: 8cm, 13cm with wings out

   A nice robot mode, although IMO Sludge looks the most "generic" of the Dinobots. This is mainly because, like Grimlock there's nothing visible from the front that suggest what he actually turns into, and unlike Grimlock he has the standard red chest.

   As mentioned, he has a red chest, like Snarl and Slag he carries his Diaclone pilot inside his chest, and like Snarl you can't open his cockpit in dino mode. Sludge has a black head with silver face & yellow eyes (Sludge has a very cool head, detailed face). His upper arms are grey, lower arms and hands are black. Black waist & thighs, grey lower legs (with a bit of chrome silver on the sides), gold feet. Show accurate for the most part, although the show has toned down the large size of his feet/lower legs. The big legs are the only real drawback in this mode (he has quite a backpack, though it won't cause problems standing unless your toy is very loose). He can swing his arms, he has knee joints. He also has somewhat mysterious-looking joints halfway up his thighs (they're used in the transform, to aid the feet clearing the front half of the dino mode, although in this mode that's not obvious). I suppose his wings also retract. I prefer to leave them swung back, since he doesn't have wings in the show, although he does in catalogues. Bringing them out to the sides reduces the backpack, if you have a loose toy.

   He can hold a Matrix, like Snarl and Slag, but unlike Slag I don't think he'd want to overthrow Optimus Prime. He's too introverted and Sludgimus Prime sounds downright ridiculous.


None in the toy itself, though his missile launcher came with either gold or silver chromed missiles.


   Along with Swoop, the best Dinobot, in my opinion. Mainly because he doesn't have any real flaws aside from the overly large robot legs. But also because his transform deals with his long body so effectively. In fact I like him more than Swoop, simply because his robot head is so well done, with a great shape and awesome facial detail. 9.5/10 (loses 0.5 for the legs). Strongly recommended, and you can probably find him cheaper than Swoop

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