Slapdash Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Slapdash
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Function: Interceptor
Alternate Mode: F-1 Racer

Height: 5cm Length: 17.5cm Width: 8cm

   A blue, yellow, black & grey racer, with black plastic wheels (which account for pretty much all the black). Slapdash's front half is yellow, the rear blue, with grey front & rear spoilers. He has a detachable yellow engine block, which can go either behind the driver's seat or on the back of the spoiler (if Lube is present).

   The whole concept of an engine block in a Powermaster is pretty stupid, really. And it really looks bad on the back of the spoiler. Either Lube or the engine block look fine in the engine slot, it has to be said, even if Lube looks unlike any engine a F-1 racer would have. Otherwise, he looks fine in this mode. He's got two Autobot symbols - one on either side of the headrest. He's nice and solid, nothing loose, although the front spoiler can move a bit, it wont fall off or start transforming without help.

   Overall, a good car mode, brought down by the fact he essentially has two engines.

   Lube has a grey torso, grey head, with a dark blue face and bright orange arms & legs. His legs are a little long, and his limbs very bright, but he doesn't look bad, just a tad unusual. In a way the orange makes him look like a knock-off. The chrome on his back pretty much gives away that he's real, however.


   Remove the engine block and rear spoiler. If you have him, make sure Lube is inserted. Fold the two haves down (if you don't have Lube, you'll have to press the little white button where he sits first). Slide the legs down and fold the front spoiler up to form the groin. Swing the arms out to the sides and then fold the two halves down to form the robot itself. Swing the forearms down and the fists out. There's a spot on his back for you to mount & store the rear spoiler and the engine block.

Height: 14cm Width: 11cm

   In robot mode, Slapdash is basically blue above the groin, grey at the groin and yellow below. He's got grey elbow joints, yellow forearms and black fists. Lube, on his chest is dark grey, silver and orange and looks rather out of place (I prefer to put the engine block there).

   He's got his rear wheels on his shoulders - forming huge shoulder pads, and a red face. The front spoiler forms a funny-looking groin.

   Slapdash's robot mode has a few low points. He's missing thighs, for starters. His legs are way too big anyway, and his chest is small. He's got rather blocky arms, and a very wide statue. Overall, I don't really like this robot mode. The biggest problem is that if you have neither the engine cover nor Lube, you're going to be stuck with a really bad looking chest.


   None that I know of. Lube was repainted as Bullet in Japan.


   An engine cover that's surplus to requirements, a spoiler that's easy to lose and a bad robot mode all combine to make Slapdash a fairly uninspiring toy. I don't hate him - his car mode is pretty good, but overall it's not a toy I can get very excited about. Had the robot mode been a little better it would have gone a long way towards improving this toy - 4.5/10

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