Slamdance Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Slamdance
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Autobot
Components: Grandslam and Raindance

Height: 11cm Width: 7cm

   Brick red on top and blue on the bottom with a grey chestplate and lots of little grey bits that aren't apparent on his components - the fists, hands, thighs and other parts, Slamdance's robot mode colours are fairly good for a two-robot gestalt. He has yellow eyes and fairly good facial detail, and an Autobot symbol on his chest.

   Slamdance has a total of five chromed weapons, which puts many larger gestalts to shame. Grandslam's short guns are meant to clip into the holes behind his head, but look better mounted in the holes on his shins. Raindance's bombs get dedicated grooves on his shoulders, and look really good there. They can even rotate, swinging up and down. Grandslam's big gun doesn't do much - it can only really stow behind his head, but still adds to the overall effect. In addition to all that chrome, the little grey cannons from Grandslam's tank mode sit on either side of his head, giving him a rack of guns behind his head, and are targetable.

   The articulation is only as a by-product of his transformation. The arms flap and the knees rotate. I don't really mind, the targetable guns are enough for me. My only real complaint is that the big-ass gun doesn't really get to do much.

   Visually, this combined mode works quite well. The armory is impressive and his body shape is pretty good. The only gripe I have is how his chestplate sort of "floats", on an angle, and can flop forward, since it doesn't clip into place. Luckily the joints on mine are nice and tight.

   The word gestalt means "more than the sum of it's parts", and Slamdance really fits this definition. Raindance is ordinary and Grandslam sucks hard, but Slamdance is actually pretty cool. It's patently obvious that Grandslam's more about combining than being Grandslam, and you can see the leg mode in Raindance's jet mode too.


   None that I'm aware of.


   It's all or nothing here - the components aren't so good, but Slamdance is a decent little Autobot. He's not so cool if you're missing his weaponry, since the chrome parts really enhance his look, and Grandslam is a joke without his chrome parts. If he had stronger components, I'd really recommend Slamdance, but since he doesn't and is often quite pricey, I'll stop short of recommending him - 6.5/10

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