Skystalker Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skystalker
Series: Generation 1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Interstellar Assault
Alt Mode: Porsche 911, Space Ship

Thanks to Griffin and Demonac for loaning me Skystalker's base, making this review possible.

Height: 1.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   An orange later model Porsche 911 sports car, Skystalker has matte grey windows, black tyres and a silver rear spoiler. There's a Decepticon logo sticker on his hood, rounding out a simple yet effective colour scheme. Thanks to the sticker sheet Skystalker gets a proper allegiance symbol and colour on his spoiler, he gets greater detail than most Micromasters.

   Skystalker, like many Micromasters, is a low detail vehicle but one based on a real vehicle. The model of car is clearly visible, despite the small size of this vehicle. Granted he rolls as poorly as every other Micromaster vehicle, but gets an entire base to play with so we'll call it even.

   One of the better car Micromasters, it's almost a shame that to get Skystalker you had to spend so much. Of course, the upside is that his base comes with a new mould rather than a repaint.


   By the numbers. Flip over the rear to form boots, fold back the hood and stand him up.

Height: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   Again largely orange - although now Skystalker's orange is limited to his boots and arms. The torso and head are purple while his face is yellow. His thighs are black, rounding off a simple colour scheme. The face is fairly simple, his arms are quite short and his chest details quite generic.

   Skystalker is a fairly standard Micromaster now. He can raise his arms and sit down, which allows him to man his base. Overall this is a decent robot mode, although I'd probably say the vehicle mode is better, taken on its own.

Height: 13.5cm Length: 30cm Width: 19.5cm

   A large light grey space ship with mid grey wings towards the rear - it's very broadly shaped like the shuttle in this respect. There are twin barrelled black guns on either side of the cockpit and black tri-barrelled guns underneath the wing. There's no tail as such, instead a smaller blue Attack Unit sits on top. This smaller ship can detach, and has an open cockpit of its own, so in theory Skystalker and another Decepticon can both use this set. Another double barrelled gun sits on top of the Attack Unit.

   The blue Attack Unit provides most of the play value here - although there are three black wheels underneath allowing the space ship to roll. Of course we have the two cockpits as well, so there's enough play value here to keep me happy.

   While it's simple for its size, this space ship provides more play value in vehicle mode than most Micromaster bases. It's also a pretty convincing space ship - some of the smaller bases rely on stickers to convey what they're meant to be, and Skystalker's ship only uses stickers for allegiance symbols in this mode.


   As you might expect, the space ship pretty much unfolds for base mode. It ends up upside down with the cockpit at the back, the floor of the cockpit folds down to form a command deck while the wings end up upright at the front with their guns. The Attack Unit unfolds and plugs into the cockpit on stilts hidden in its wings becoming a raised attach platform.

Height: 20cm Depth: 40cm Width: 19cm

   As Micromaster bases go, this is a pretty extensive base. The bottom of the ship is now the base of this complex. This base is blue, most of the modules on the fringes are light grey fuselage pieces. The underwing guns are still attached to the wings at the front while the nosewings have moved - one sits at the right rear on a side facing gun emplacement while the other sits on the immediate left of the control deck. The larger guns on top of the Attack Unit now sit on top - which was the underside of the unit previously. There's a cavity behind this gun in which a Micromaster can stand, manning these forward facing guns.

   Both gun emplacement and the control deck have Micromaster-standard sized posts, allowing three Micromasters to use this base at once. The right side gun can swing from side to side, the left side gun up and down and the gun at the top lifts up and down on its base, although it can only lift to 40, so anti-aircraft poses are out.

   The size of this base is quite impressive, and while there are three distinct places to put Micromasters, Skystalker can bring his whole crew, with plenty of standing room at the front. It really is a Decepticon Micromaster mobile headquarters.

   A good base mode, even if it does the usual trick of unfolding to form a base. The size helps a lot, since this thing has room for plenty of Micromasters and three specific manning locations. The colours are neutral, important for a base that can accommodate varied Micromasters of different colours.


   None that I'm aware of. Metrobomb and Rabbicrater are repaints of Skystalker (the actual Micromaster, anyway).


   A good Micromaster, a nice space ship and an excellent base mode all come together to make a really nice set. Being the largest Decepticon Micromaster base, this has the most potential and I'm glad that it uses that size well. The downside is that finding this set complete on the secondary market can be tricky, since there are quite a few detachable pieces, as well as the Micromaster Skystalker himself - 8/10

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