Skyquake Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Skyquake
Series: "European" G1
Allegiance: Decepticon
Function: Air Commandant
Alternate Mode: Bomber Plane

Thanks to Tiby for loaning me Skyquake for this review.

Height: 10cm Length: 33cm Width: 27cm

   A large turquoise plane with wide wings, Skyquake has crimson and copper highlights here and there. The cockpit, near the nose, has transparent yellow windows while there's some also some transparent yellow at the base of the flattened gold tail. The colours are awful, albeit typical of this era. The gold tail section suffers from Gold Plastic Syndrome, to boot.

   For its size, this is a simple bomber. There's a lot of detail but with so much turquoise and lots of large, simple pieces this toy is a lot simpler than it could have been. There are three wheels underneath, all of which can roll and fold away, along with a series of transparent yellow vents on top that can be covered by copper sliding covers (operated by a single slider).

   Skyquake has a scope gimmick - if you look into the lens at the back of the tail you'll see an image of an Autobot. You can also attach the Predator jets (if you have them) and view the images they contain. The other gimmick features two rotating barrels inside the wings which drop bombs (well, green plastic missiles) as you spin the barrels. For all the simplicity of this plane, I have to say I like this gimmick. You can stow two missiles under each wingtip and another pair on the sides of the nose. Skyquake comes with 14 missiles.

   With awful colours and a very brittle gold plastic, Skyquake's colour scheme really counts against him. The scope gimmick is nice and the bomb gimmick is a lot of fun, but they're not enough to save Skyquake's bomber mode.


   Fold away the landing gear, split the nose and fold the halves out to the sides. Flip over the front of the plane and pull out to the sides to form the legs. Flip out the feet and heelspurs. Fold up the wingips and tail, stand the robot up, fold down the chest, flip out the head and fold the chest up again. Extend the arms and you're done.

   Considering the size of this toy the transformation is very simple - fold the legs, flip out the head and fold away some plane bits. There are Minicons that are more interesting.

Height: 25cm Width: 19cm

   Again based on turquoise, with black feet, upper arms, thighs and a black head. His forearms and much of the chest is composed of copper plastic while the central chest piece is transparent yellow plastic. His face is painted gold and his eyes are transparent yellow - with an unusually poor lightpipe for a Euro G1 toy. Again the colour scheme isn't good - although there's black, more copper and less crimson, which helps a fair bit.

   The robot mode is annoyingly simple - the mouthplate is bigger than the heads of most Transformers yet it's badly defined. The arms are horribly simple as are the boots and the backpack is pretty lazy - the inner wings stick out (with the barrels integrated I can accept they have nowhere else to go) while the wingtips and tail hang off the back. Again there's some detail in the sculpt, but you tend to notice the large, simple plastic pieces and lack of articulation rather than fine seams.

   The poseability is pretty bad - the shoulders swing and that's it. He comes with a gold missile launcher that can fire his green missiles, but this launcher's peg breaks off quite easily (although not from GPS, as FortMax Reed points out - it's just weak), so it's of limited use.

   While the colours are better than those of his bomber mode, they're still pretty bad. The articulation is limited and the play value pretty much non-existent. He's simple and blocky with an unusually poor lightpipe, rounding off a poor robot mode.


   None that I'm aware of. Machine Wars Starscream and King Atlas are repaints of Skyquake, minus the launcher.


   A poor toy with bad colours, simple features, a laughable transformation for the size and Gold Plastic Syndrome. Skyquake's missile bombimg gimmick is cool, but it's not even close to saving this toy. The fragility alone wrecks the play value. One to avoid - 2.5/10

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