Sky Garry Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: Sky Garry
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Battlestars Leader
Alternate Mode: Space Ship, Base

Thanks to heroic decepticon for loaning me Sky Garry for this review

Height: 12cm Length: 27.5cm Width: 21cm

   A white, blue, red, black and grey space ship with sky blue windows at the front, Sky Garry's colour scheme is dominated by white with the red largely limited to the runners underneath and the bridge on top. The grey is limited to the nose section and clamps on either side. There's a whole array of stickers, most notably yellow & black danger stripes and some blue & red pinstripes on the sides. Oh and his name on either side of the fuselage, for that anime "always make an entrance" thing. It's a good colour scheme, even if it's fairly formulaic for an anime mecha.

   While many of the Japanese Micromaster base Transformers have dubious alternate modes, this is a pretty good space ship, in that it's unambivalent. There's a window sticker on the bridge, a well defined canopy on the front, well defined wings and the runners underneath are clearly undercarriage. Granted it's clearly not a real-life vehicle, but it's easy to pic Sky Garry as a space ship. There are detachable white guns on either wing and guns just below the bridge.

   There's quite a bit of play value here. The canopy at the front opens, allowing a Micromaster to sit inside (although it wont close with a Micromaster inside - it's just not a big space. I tried with both Shotbomber and Hubs). His Micro Trailer (numbered 0) can slot underneath, between the treads. The front and rear sections can extend to a total length of 36cm, and if they're extended an ochre button above the trailer will cause it to release and detach. You can actually plug 3 Micro Trailers into the longer gap, and they interlock with each other and the front/black sections quite firmly. The launcher mechanisms inside the trailers can be activated, sending Micromasters out to either side of the ship, if you wish.

   A good ship mode that makes clever use of the Micro Trailers, allowing this mode to interact with other Micromasters. The colours work and it's a well defined space ship. The colour scheme is heavily reliant on stickers, but I don't see this as a liability. The stickers bearing his name in large lettering are a little off, though.


   Detach and set aside the white guns. Fold away the clamps & front runners. Flip up the canopy, then the lower cockpit. Flip up the bridge to form his head, stand him up. Rotate the wings around to form arms, pivot the wingtips down as forearms. Flip out the hands, place the guns in either hand, fold down the rear runners as shoulder armour and you're done.

Height: 24.5cm Width: 17.5cm

   Sky Garry's robot mode is predominantly blue (torso and upper arms) and white (forearms and boots), but red manages to dominate, through since it's on his groin, chestplate, head and shoulderpads.His face is silver with blue eyes while his thighs, feet and part of his chestplate are black. The elbows and fists are grey. There's some yellow on the chest and shoulderpads. The colour scheme is again typical of anime in its use of primary colours, although his collar is a burnt orange colour which is not at all anime-like. There's a red Autobot logo in the middle of his chest, on a white sticker.

   This is quite a blocky robot mode, with the boots being a single piece and his shoulders being very blocky. He's not quite Grandus, but he's still fairly static looking. The shoulderpads are quite majestic and there are large antennae on his head, contributing to the generally heroic look here. His face is well sculpted and there's a sort of crown motif to the yellow areas on his chest, but otherwise the detailing is generic and simple.

   The play value here is minimal, with swinging arms Sky Garry's only poseability. He can hold his white guns in both hands. Both shoulders can swing through 360 on ratcheting joints.

   A simple robot mode with good colours and some nice detailing, but it's a little too simple for this size. That's not to say that it's awful, but it's fairly underwhelming without any glaring flaws. Well, aside from a distinct lack of features.


   Fold down his head, fold away the fists. Swing up the arms, pivot the forearms out to the sides and stand him upside down, so that the chest is facing away from you. Extend the legs, open the grey claws, plug the grey platform in between them. Fold out the runners now on the tower, fold the nose of the jet up and forward, fold up the feet. Plug one gun into the grey platform and the other onto the nose, which now serves as a second platform, higher up. Swing the rear runners forward, clip the black ramp onto what was his back. You can also plug the other end of the ramp onto the front of his Micro Trailer.

Height: 31cm Depth: 23.5cm Width: 23.5cm

   A tower rather than a city, Sky Garry is blue at the base, much of the tower is black while the upper section is white. There are two grey platforms, both with white guns for Shotbomber & other Micromasters to man. The Micro Trailer - if plugged in - adds some black to the base, as well as some orange. The colours do their job, and the fact that both platforms are grey keeps things unified here.

   I like the fact that this is a gunning tower rather than a city-like building - Sky Garry is keeping things different, which I welcome. The platforms are both the right side & height for Micromasters to stand holding the guns. The ramp doesn't really lead anywhere, which is probably the main shortcoming here. The Micro Trailer allows this base to store a Micromasters in vehicle mode. As with all Micro Trailers, you can "fire" a Micromaster out of the trailer by pressing the button on the front (which is under the ramp).

   While it's a fairly simple base mode, it looks good and the platforms really make this work as a gunning tower. Sky Garry accommodates less Micromasters than some other similar sized Micromaster bases, but he's enough fun anyway.

Alternate Mode: Missile Tank

Height: 2.5cm Length: 4.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A white missile tank with twin burnt orange missiles on the rack. He has a wrap-around black cockpit at the front, the black comes courtesy of stickers. It's a simple colour scheme and while like many of the Japanese "companion" Micromasters, there's no paint, the black stickers do enough to ensure he doesn't feel underdone.

   The sculpt here is pretty good - his treads are unpainted but well crafted. There's some asymmetry behind the cockpit, which looks nice. While tanks don't have cockpits usually, the front of Shotbomber's tank mode looks like the cockpit of a helicopter.

   There are four white wheels underneath the treads allowing him to roll, although he tends to slide on smooth surfaces. The missiles are a single piece, which can swing from facing forward to facing down towards the ground behind him.

   A good missile tank mode if a fairly unrealistic one. The detailing & colours are good and while the wheels aren't all that useful, the targetable missiles mean more play value than your average Micromaster.


   Flip the front over to form the boots, stand him up.

Height: 5cm Width: 2.5cm

   Shotbomber has a grey torso, grey thighs and a grey head with an unpainted face. His boots and arms are white. The orange missiles are on his back and out of the way now. The colours are fairly plain, and while I don't mind that, the unpainted face is a definite negative.

   This robot mode is fairly generic, thanks partly to the colours, partly because there's surprisingly little tank here. Okay, he does have the cockpit quite visible on his boots, but they're not really typical tank features. The assyemtrical aspects of the tank mode are now his feet - the right foot is bigger than the left one.

   Shotbomber has standard Micromaster poseability - his arms swing and the hips swing allowing him to sit down. The knees are independently hinged but this doesn't provide any useful poses.

   A fairly simple & kinda boring robot mode, it not a bad one. Shotbomber's only real flaw is the unpainted face, but at least it's grey, so we can still see the sculpt.


   None that I'm aware of.


   Sky Garry has two good alt modes and a decent if unspectacular robot mode. He interacts well with Micromasters in his base& space ship modes, and the base mode offers a different style to most other Micromaster bases. Shotbomber has a nice alt mode and plain but decent robot mode. Sky Garry is one of the easier (and therefore cheapest) Japanese Micromaster bases to get, and one of the better ones, so if you only grab one, I'd say he's probably the best value for money - 7.5/10

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