SixTurbo Toy Review

Individual Review

Name: SixTurbo
Series: Japanese Generation 1
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Six Robot Gestalt Warrior (very creative!)
Alternate Mode: N/A - Gestalt comprising Circuit, Discharge, Glide, Neo-Wheel, Road Police & Sireen

Car Mode Height: 1.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 3cm
Robot Mode Height: 5cm Width: 3cm

   A white Formula-1 racer with black tyres, a grey spoiler some red paint on the engine cowling, airdam and nose. Circuit has an Autobot logo stamped on his nose in the same red paint as the other details. While the level of detail isn't terrific, the red paint keeps things interesting and this is a pretty good racer for a Micromaster, not least because he has better colours than many of the Race Track Patrol.

   The wheels roll, although not well. He has a very low ground clearance, as one would expect of a racer, but wont scrape on the table. There's no other play value here, not that I really expect any more of Circuit.

   His transformation is simple enough - fold over the rear half to form his boots, lift up the nose and stand him up. Since the nose points out to the back rather than sitting flush against his body, you might need to lift the arms to stand Circuit up.

   Now a yellow robot with white boots and arms, grey kneecaps (the spoiler) and a silver face, Circuit has silver paint on his waist and some navy blue on his chest and groin. The mix of three paints and four plastic colours is a little uneven, although nothing clashes. The big nose hanging of the back is his worst aspect - it _really_ affects his stability. You will probably have to swing his arms up (the only poseability of this robot) to make it work. The shoulders are curved since they're the car mode sidepanels, while there are simple moulded hands which have moulded fingers that are better than you'd expect on a Micromaster.

   Circuit neither impresses me or depresses me. The car mode is solid but unspectacular while the robot mode could do with fewer colours and less weight on the back.

Fire Engine Mode Height: 3cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A boxy red fire truck with black windows on the front and three silver doors on either side, Discharge has silver hoses painted on either side towards the back. The silver details are actually moulded, along with some unpainted stuff like strobes, headlights and a license plate at the front. There's a white ladder mounted on top, which is short and while it doesn't extend the front has twin nozzles and it can rotate through 360 to aim. There's an Autobot logo stamped onto her left side, the only painted detail that is not moulded.

   Transforming Discharge is simple enough - fold out the rear to form her boots, lift up the front to reveal her head and stand her up. The ladder stays on the back, and plays no part in the robot mode, which is a shame since it would have been a nifty feature (as it is in truck mode).

   The robot torso, head and thighs are white while her waist and face are painted silver, her groin blue. The arms, boots and backpack are red, and the Autobot symbol is no longer visible. Her face is quite simple, but it's moulded as a gasmask, which is awesome. Her arms and boots protrude since they're formed form the boxy truck mode, and there's a fair backpack on her back - you need to fiddle sometimes to get Discharge to stand up.

   I quite like the vehicle mode and despite the boxiness, I like the robot mode also - especially the facemask. I'm still not sure why Takara chose the boxiest member of this team to be female, though.

Motorbike Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 4.5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A mid blue police motorbike similar in model to Groove, Glide has a black saddle, black plastic tyres, a gold windshield, silver exhausts and headlights while the engine underneath is grey plastic. There's an Autobot symbol stamped onto the left side of the storage compartment (under and behind the saddle), rounding out a good colour scheme. This a very good bike mode for a Micromaster, with as much detail as one could expect, and a well applied paint mask.

   Fold the front over to form his boots, fold down the storage compartment to become his chest and swing the sides of this section down to form his arms. It's a simple transformation that provides us with a decent robot mode. Unlike many larger Transformer motorbikes, there are no tyres that need to detach or any other removable bits.

   While he has distinct thighs, Glide has a single foot (well, a boot), and while this isn't ideal at this scale I don't mind at all - his legs are easily better than Groove's. The arms are short and stubbly which bothers me a little, while the grey head is unpainted, and that last oversight is the only flaw of this robot mode that bothers me, since it's easily to overcome. Considering how ambitious a Micromaster bike was, they've done a pretty good job on Glide, who stacks up well against many far less ambitious Micromasters.

Car Mode Height: 1.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm

   A yellow Lamborghini Diablo with black windows and tyres, Neo-Wheel is probably the most formulaic member of the set. He's not a perfect Diablo but there's enough of a semblance for the model to be obvious. There are air intakes on the sides and some crude detailing on the engine cover at the back. There's a red Autobot logo stamped on the front, which works well.

   The transformation is by the numbers, you flip up the front of the car and unfold the back to form boots.

   Neo-Wheel's robot mode is red with yellow, which is again quite formulaic, although the rich yellow and red works well it must be said. His face and waist are painted silver while the groin and crest are gold. The facial detail is poor and the backpack is huge, since the transformation hinge is at the back of the roof (the front, window and roof all fold down). Neo-Wheel is still stable, so the big backpack doesn't bother me. His poseability is pretty standard for a sports car Micromaster - the arms swing while the hips bend as one and the knees bend. He can sit down and lift his arms.

   While Neo-Wheel is a decent Micromaster, he covers well trodden ground and isn't anything new if you have the Sports Car Patrol or Race Car Patrol. He breaks up the emergency services colour theme of this set, although this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Police Car Mode Height: 1.5cm Length: 5.5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: cm Width: 2.5cm

   A white police car with black trim on the bottom of the doors and front bumper, Road Police sports the standard Japanese police colours, similar to those of Prowl. There's a stroberack on his roof, with red plastic strobes on either side - cleverly concealed transformation hinges. The windows are silver, the front and sides painted while the back window is actually silver plastic. Rounding out the colours we have an Autobot logo stamped on the hood. Road Police is a 2 door sports car of some sort, with moulded pop-up lights, taillights, a petrol cap and even tiny side mirrors.

   Transformation is standard - lift out the back to form his boots, flip the hood and windshield up to form his backpack, stand Road Police up. The hinge is set a fair way back, giving him a big backpack but he's more stable than Neo-Wheel.

   The robot itself is blue with white boots, silver feet (the rear window) and black and white arms. The groin and arm covers are painted black, while there's some silver on his chest. The head is blue with a silver face, and the sculpting on this robot is really cool. The face is well moulded, the helmet is done as a police officer's hat, the silver on his chest is painted on a "collar" area, and between the collar there's a tiny moulded tie! He even gets a badge above his face, in the middle of the hat.

   Poseability is fairly standard, with swinging shoulders and knees and hips that bend as one. Road Police can sit down, but you need to swing the large backpack out before he can sit. The boots are huge and function as a single piece, although they're actually two distinct pieces of plastic (with a single silver piece).

   Road Police is one of the better members of this set, with the robot's theme really impressing me. The car is also good, and while the backpack detracts a little, he's easily better than Stakeout of the Rescue Patrol.

Ambulance Mode Height: 2.5cm Length: 5cm Width: 2.5cm
Robot Mode Height: 6cm Width: 2.5cm

   A boxy white ambulance with black windows, black windows and red stripes down either side, Sireen is pretty much what you expect of an ambulance Transformer. The grille and headlight strip are silver, while the strobes on the roof are painted red. There's a red stamped Autobot logo on the right door, which feels a little congested with the window, pinstripe and stamp within a few millimetres of each other.

   There are moulded doorhandles and door seams, on both the front and side doors, and there's even hinted taillights and a license plate on the front bumper. Unlike a lot of Micromasters, Sireen really has enough paint that you don't _need_ moulded detail.

   Sireen has one of the most unusual transformations of all Micromasters - in fact it's unusual amongst Transformers in general. The front facade slides out and down, attaching to the base of the ambulance, which itself folds down to form the back of his legs. The body and thighs are revealed and will move into place as you do this, and the arms - which are the central stripes of the side doors - will likely swing down as well. Lastly, pull out the overhead guns tucked underneath the roof of the ambulance.

   The boots are the front of the ambulance, with the window as the shins and the grille as the feet, and this clear vehicle feature in robot mode is unusual (and welcome) amongst Micromasters. The thighs, chest and head are black while the groin, face and a missilerack moulded in his chest are painted silver. The arms, boots and hood are white while his groin is painted yellow. The hood is actually the ambulance roof, and hangs over the face, which is hard to see. I don't mind this really, since the grey overhead guns are really cool and I notice them more than I do the face's obscurity. The only meaningful poseability is the arms, which can lift up 90, but there's enough here to keep me happy with a fairly novel robot mode.

Height: 17cm Width: 10cm

   A fusion of six Micromasters and a bunch of connectors. Road Police sits inside the black chest piece, which in turn connects to the groin-thigh piece. Sireen attaches as the right boot and Discharge as the left. Neo-Wheel forms the left arm, and sports a grey scanner array on the shoulder while Circuit forms the right arm. The head, feet and hands are blue (the same shade as Glide) while the feet are black. Glide is the odd bot out who attaches to the back of the groin, and is essentially expendable. SixTurbo carries a blue gun with a silver midsection, that matches the silver paint on his thighs.

   Smaller than most Gestalts, SixTurbo is thematically quite similar to Defensor, with the addition of yellow. He's an attractive combiner, with red and silver on the chestpiece, which uses the front half of Road Police's car as a centrepiece, incorporating his Autobot logo on the chest. The face and crest are silver and the head is typically heroic, even with yellow eyes.

   The arms sit a little too close to the body, but the array on the left shoulder, police car chest, fire truck and ambulance boots all work very well. SixTurbo incorporates the theme running through the set better than most Gestalts - and I'm not just talking about Micromasters. His poseability is average for a Micromaster Gestalt, with a head that can turn a little and shoulders that swing. He holds together fairly well, making for a good combination.


   Like SixBuilder and SixWing, SixTurbo's connecting pieces form a blue and black jet. The black chest forms an open cockpit while the thighs and gun form the nose. The black feet form the wingtips with the wing bases formed from the blue fists. The head sits on the back of the jet, turned around so we don't see the face. While it's hardly going to make or break this set, the jet is pretty good for a fusion of connectors.


   I have the 2002 reissue set, which was sold as individual toys. The 1992 original giftset uses stickers in place of many of the painted details I've described. Only Road Police sported an Autobot logo in the original set, since that one is central on SixTurbo's chest. The reissue set included chase "reverse evolution" toys - black Decepticon "Reverse Evolution" versions. I have the black Glide and Discharge toys. This set was released in the Universe line with different names, the only differences were the thighs of Discharge and Sireen, which are grey in Universe.


   A very good set overall, with some great individual Micromasters - the innovation of Glide and Sireen are clear highlights. While Circuit and Neo-Wheel are average, none of the individual figures are bad toys. The urban theme is quite well done, although Circuit is somewhat out of place. SixTurbo himself is a good Gestalt with a great theme and lots of component elements prominent, rounding out a very good Micromaster set - 9/10

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